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Canterbury Tales - The Yeoman

No description

Josh Lightner

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales - The Yeoman

Yeoman Social Position Job Appearances Major Qualities Chaucer's Opinion Relevant Lines - Indifferent
- Does not have a firm opinion
- Difficult to judge - Coat and Hood of Green
- Peacock Feathered Arrows
- Longbow
- Tan
- Saucy Brace
- Shield and Sword
- Dirk
- Medal of St.Christopher
- Hunting Horn - Alchemist's Apprentice
+essentially an alchemist
- Woodworker
+ fletcher
- Hunter
- Forester - Lower Middle Class
- Freeman
+ not in debt to a piece land - Hard worker
- Warrior
- Unknown
- But.... - "Ha! Now we'll have a game, Now I can talk, and I've a lot to tell"- Yeoman

- "He was a proper forester, I guess."-Host THE END
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