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about the earth's atmosphere

gravity is somthing that keep you on ground and the atmosphere is the layer of earths air

Joshua Boehm

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of about the earth's atmosphere

this is a prezi about the earth atmosphere what are the layers of the atmosphere The stratosphere is the second lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere, located between the troposphere and mesosphere. The stratosphere and the mesosphere together are called the middle atmosphere. The stratosphere, which literally means the layered sphere, is located from about 12 miles (20 km) to 30 miles (50 km) altitude. About 99% of the total air mass of the atmosphere can be found in the bottom two layers, the troposphere and stratosphere. The stratosphere is not only less dense than the troposphere, but it also contains very dry air. The stratospheric temperature is warmer than the upper tropospheric temperature; the average temperature at the bottom of the stratosphere is around −76°F (−60°C), and at the upper bound around −26°F (−3°C). The temperature increases with height in the stratosphere because of the thin, but highly concentrated, stratospheric ozone layer. It is located between 13 to 19 miles (20 to 30 km), and reaches its peak density at an altitude of about 16 miles (25 km). The troposphere is the lowest of the Earth's atmospheric layers and is the layer in which most weather occurs. The troposphere begins at ground level and ranges in height from an average of 11 ;km at the equator. It is at its highest level over the equator and the lowest over the geographical north pole and south pole. On account of this, the coolest layer in the atmosphere lies at about 17 ;km over the equator. Due to the variation in starting height
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