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Ghana, Gold and Salt

1. I can explain how trade in gold and salt led to the growth of the Empire of Ghana


on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Ghana, Gold and Salt

The Development of the Empire of Ghana!
What role did the TRANS-SAHARAN TRADE ROUTE play in making Ghana a wealthy empire?
How did KINGS make Ghana wealthy?
What role did the MILITARY play in Ghana's success?
How do you think Ghana was able to become rich off of the Gold-Salt Trade?
acquired great wealth through control of the gold trade
he imposed taxes on the gold trade
the king was the only person who was allowed to keep gold nuggets- everyone else could only have gold dust
Regular Army
consisted of several thousand soldiers
these soldiers kept borders secure, put down minor revolts and maintained peace and order
military was well paid and well respected
The trans-Saharan trade route helped to make Ghana a rich empire
the use of camels and spread of Islam helped establish this trade route
Camels allowed traders to establish caravan routes across the Sahara
Muslims tried to conquer Ghana but were unsuccessful
HOWEVER, Muslim merchants settled in W. African towns to become merchants
In what ways did GEOGRAPHY contribute to the development of the empire of Ghana?
Ghana's geographical location made it a perfect spot to control trade
Gold was plentiful to the south of Ghana
Salt was plentiful to the north of Ghana
Ghana was located between two areas that wanted to trade- North Africa and south-west Africa
Many items were traded on the trans-Saharan trade route
HOWEVER, gold and salt held the greatest demand
From Italy to the Arabian Peninsula, people wanted to use gold as currency
The Wangarans in Southern Ghana mined gold
This gold was traded with Northern Africans for salt
The empire of Ghana laid between the Wangarans land and North Africa
What items were traded in West Africa?
Ghana helped manage trade between North Africans and the Wanagrans
Based on this map, how do you think Ghana's location helped it to become a wealthy empire?
What do you notice about the location of gold and salt in relationship to the empire of Ghana? How do you think Ghana made its money off of the Gold/Salt Trade?
In what ways do you think the Kings of Ghana made sure that the Gold/Salt trade was protected?
Based on what you already know about the environment of West Africa, what challenges might traders face in trading gold and salt?
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