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Sarah's Key

No description

kayla glass

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Sarah's Key

The genre of this book is historical fiction. Historical fiction are factual events that happened in history. On page 60 it says "On July 16 and 17, 1942, 13,152 Jews were arrested in Paris and the suburbs, deported and assassinated at Auschwitz..." and "...1,129 men, 2,916 women, and 4,115 children were packed here in inhuman conditions..."
In 1942, Sarah and her parents were arrested by french policemen. They don't know that Sarah locked her little brother in a secret closet. Sarah promised her brother that she'd come back for him later. They left the apartment and continued walking until they came upon a garage with other jewish families. In the garage father told Sarah that they are not aloud to go back home. Days went by and they were all sent to concentration camps. The police separated the adults and the children sending the adults to Auschwitz, where they were gassed and killed. The children were left behind, but Sarah escaped from the camp so she could free her brother.
The antagonists are the Nazi's. They are the antagonists because they arrested, starved, and killed Jews because they had different beliefs, they saw the Jews as a threat. On page 25 "Why are we here?
She put her hand on the yellow star sewn on the front of her blouse.
It's because of this, isn't it?" On page 79 "They were rarely fed." "How could they treat children this way?" On page 87 "Many of the children were ill. Half a dozen had already died."
The first conflict is character vs. society. This conflict is Jews vs. Nazi's. This is proven on page 88 "Him a Jew! Such a proper gentleman, too. What a surprise." Also on page 88 "...some of the neighbors didn't like Jewish people..." On page 56 "They don't care what is being done to us, where we are being taken to. One man laughed, pointing at us." And on page 25 "She had seen the signs that seemed to be put up everywhere: Jews forbidden."
Sarah's Key
Conflict #1
Book Recommendation
I would give this book 3 stars. I would give this book 3 stars because there was a lot of French in this book and the imagery was a little confusing at times. Other than that this book was very interesting and emotional. I also like how this book gives you some facts about what it was like to be Jewish in 1942. I would probably read another book by this author.
by Tatiana De Rosnay
Plot summary Paris, July 1942
Plot summary continued
Conflict # 2
While she tried to get back to Paris she came upon a house with an old couple. The old couple took care of her until one day when she decided it was time to go save her brother. They took a train to Paris, when they got there they went to Sarah's apartment. Sarah unlocked the closet to find her brother dead.
The second conflict is character vs. self. This conflict is Sarah vs. herself. Sarah is mad at herself because if she never told her little brother to hide in the cupboard, she would know that he's alive. On page 57 she says "But her brother...It was her fault!" "He could have been here, holding her very hand, if it hadn't been for her."
The protagonist is Sarah Starzynski. She is the protagonist because Sarah's past changed Julia Jarmond's life, Julia even named her second baby after Sarah. On page 278 "Sarah. She never left me. She had changed me, forever." On page 292 "...to the other Sarah, to the little girl with the yellow star who had changed my life."
Sarah is determined because she will stop at nothing to get back to Paris and save her little brother. Sarah is caring because the one thing she tried to do was keep her brother safe. Sarah is brave because even though she knew that she could've been caught and suffer the consequences, she still insisted on escaping.
Michel is brave because while his family as being taken away he still hid in the closet not, knowing what was going to happen.
Text Evidence
Sarah Starzynski~Sarah is a brave, caring, determined 10 year old girl.

Rywka Starzynski~ Rywka is Sarah and Michel's mother, she is caring, helpful, and defensive.

Wladyslaw Starzynski~ Wladyslaw is Sarah and Michel's father and he is caring and helpful.

Michel Starzynski~ Michel is Sarah's little brother that was locked in the cupboard. Michel is brave.
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