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Lucy Calkins Units of Study

No description

SL Cookson

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Lucy Calkins Units of Study

"It is a more systematic approach across the school"
"The language has shifted UP"
Students are making connections across content
Consistent Language of Instruction
"I like the consistency of instruction across the grade levels"
The connections to standards are explicit
The Reading, Writing, & Talking Connection
It really hits the standards.
"I like getting in the different kinds of writing and that it provides a break down for teaching each part."
Students are talking as writers and taking on roles of writers.
RSU 87
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Carmel & Levant
Feedback & Successes This Year ...
"Kids seem to love writing"
Mentor texts, anchor charts, exemplars
Resources Matter
Having resources outlined in the book has helped.
Lucy Calkins Units of Study
Kids are paragraphing more than they used to.
Kids are open to challenges.
They have become more independent writers.
Students have worked hard.
They have experimented with a lot of things (lab reports, poetry, etc).
They see themselves as writers.
Common Core standards guidance - all on the same page.
One teaching point.
The units build on each other.
Really focuses on picking one teaching point.
I like that we have a directed program.
And the learning never stops :-)
Some of the lessons we have learned ...
To be patient with ourselves and our kids as we work through it.
They understand strategies writers use and notice them in reading as well.
Kids talk about writing in the lunch room.
The program includes many resources, ideas, and student samples.
I have collected new resources, so I will be in a better position next year.
The pacing went fairly well even though the lessons were lengthy and we started late.
Next year will be better!
Students are writing longer pieces of higher quality.
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