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on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Britain

The Changing Patten
What can you tell from this diagram?
Learning Intentions:
Exploring Britain
Can you tell any physical features of Britain from this picture?
8000 years ago, there were no borders on the British Isles.
Today, the British Isles are divided into two countires: the United Kingdom (UK) and the Republic of Ireland.
The UK is in turn made up of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Then each nation is divided into regions.
Can you recognize these flags?
Learning Intentions:
Weather in the UK
What is weather?
Weather means the state of the atmosphere.
It includes conditions(sunny, rainy, cloudy...), temperature, wind direction(which direction the wind blows from), wind speed, etc.
If you are the weatherman, can you tell what's the weather like in UK today?
Cold and Warm
Wet and Dry
What do these pictures tell you?
rain shadow
Exploring Britain
People and Places in Britain
An immigrant is a person who moves from one country to another, to live.
UK Ethnic Composition
Population Density
The population density of a place is the average number of people per square kilometre.
Rural Area

Urban Area
Work in the UK
High or low earnings
Think about what factors affect earnings?
Which area do you think is more attractive for immigrants? Why?
British Isles – they were shaped by hot currents inside the Earth and by ice, river, wind and wave
Group work
– finish the paragraph with the words from the box.
-Label the political map of British Isles (use different colors as key)
Now it's your turn......
These are all old political maps of Britain Isles
Think about why they are different from today's map?
Write 100 words about why a political map could change much faster than a physical map?
Draw a mind map before you start writing
Think about......
How many different ways to know the weather in the next few days?
The weather in the British Isles can change from day to day, different from place to place.
Now it's your turn......
Read the maps on P66-67, and write down the some patterns according to the maps.
The map on P66 is an annual rainfall map of UK. Can you tell which area is the wettest area in UK? And how do you know that?
*Overall, which side of Great Britain is wettest? Can you explain why?

Migrant or Immigrant?
Later in the unit we will discuss migration within China.
Citation: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Citation: Office for National Statistics,
Who are the British?
Where do they live?
Learning Intentions:
What kind of work the British people do and how much do they earn?
What is economic activity?
Why more factories are closing in UK?

What is average weekly earning?
Where are the high-income places? (compare with population density map)
Your Turn
Average pay is higher in some parts of the UK than others.
Average pay is higher in the UK than a lot of others countries in the world.
P75 Your turn (6)
Essential Question:
How is the UK linked to other countries?
UK has many political links with other countries
A group of 53 countries,most of them were once part of the British Empire of colonies.
The queen is the Head of the Commonwealth.
EU (The European Union)
An organization of 28 European countries
(On 1 July 2013, Croatia became the 28th EU member).
The UK has many other links with the rest of the world
Language and culture
P77 Your turn (5)
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