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Rocket Pitch


John Cooper

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Rocket Pitch

Rocket Pitch Intro Rocket Pitch What is a Rocket Pitch? A method for describing a business idea in a clear and concise way.

3 minutes, 3 slides.

Generates impact and interest This is NOT a rocket pitch! - Link to Ali G! The Aim of the Rocket Pitch Illustrate a business opportunity.

Everyone understands it.

Tell a story. The Four Key components of your story The opportunity and value proposition (USP)

The market size.

The business model.

The call to action. The Business Model How will the business make money?

What are the key sources of revenue and costs?

Where will the customer buy the product?

Can I produce all the product or do I need to outsource it? Call to action What do you want?

My money?
My time?
My help?

Call to action is when you ask the audience for what you what? A good presentation In command of knowledge.

Open with catchy information or fact.

Tell a story, avoid technical terminology

Good speed, pace and use of pause.

Passion and enthusiasm. Classic Presentation Errors Lack of eye contact.

Too much or no movement.

Using cards.

Nerves, changes in pace.

Lack of practice. Good Presentations Clear and concise.

Images to illustrate.

One colour, size, font and style.

Should not be a distraction. Classic errors in Powerpoint Presentations Boring 6 x 6 bullet points.

Complicated graphics, too many images.

Letter too small (minimum 28)

Bad color schemes, keep it simple. Rocket Pitch Training Babson College, Boston

Training video:

http://faculty.babson.edu/academic/sye3/RocketPitch/Student/ For the next class: Take training video.

Watch Dragons Den videos. Credibility http://rue2innovate.com/2010/05/28/dragons-den/
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