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P.O.E. plant parts 3rd grade

by:mackinsey,bryan,and angel

Mackinsey Stephens

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of P.O.E. plant parts 3rd grade

Plants and Flowers Hi! Today you will learn about plants, seeds, and flowers.
What you know about plants, seeds, and flowers? I would like three student volunteers to answer the question.

At the end of each slide we will give you time to ask any questions. How do seeds travel? Seeds can travel with the wind, animals, people and some other ways.

Now lets watch a video for some more information. Parts of a seed The seed has five main parts of a seed. The Plant Life Cycle Why are plants Important? Because they give us our air that we breathe and food we eat. Plants also provide our parks, they create medicine, and they give the world beauty. By:: Mackinsey Stephens
Bryan Wurtz
Angel Conrado Why are Seeds Important? Parts of a plant Parts of a flower: Seeds are important because they create plants. Without seeds farmers wouldn't be able to grow crops and without crops our grocery stores wouldn't have as much food in it. FUN FACT: Root Hairs seed Name the parts This is what a healthy plant looks like. This healthy
plant that has more than one color. A seedling in soil. The next few slides show some foods
that are grown from seeds. THANK YOU!!!! Do you have any questions? We would like a special thanks to Mrs. Oliver for editing and helping us with this prezi!
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