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EDDC Social Media for Local Authorities

No description

Neil Wilkins

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of EDDC Social Media for Local Authorities

Social Media
Pathway to engaged community?
Cul-de-sac of confusion?
Provoke Relate Reveal
Dealing with complaints?
4 types to deal with
Public servant online participation policy:

Be credible: Be accurate, fair, thorough and transparent.
Be consistent: Encourage constructive criticism and deliberation. Be cordial, honest and professional at all times.
Be responsive: When you gain insight, share it where appropriate.
Be integrated: Wherever possible, align online participation with other offline communications.
Be a public servant: Remember that you are an ambassador for your organisation. Wherever possible, disclose your position as a representative of your department or agency.
Engaging staff community?
Understanding the Customers
Social Media Rule of Thirds
What are you
going to say?!
Create an Ad
Admin Panel
Facebook Profile
Bad Example!
Profile Page
Amplify your message
Your competition?
Key Players
3 Main Reasons
Good Examples
Where is your eye lingering?
Profile Picture?
Central Gatekeeper
Sub area/team
Sub area/team
Central Gatekeeper
Pinterest home
Supporting Tools
Where are they?
Marketing = influence behaviour not just spend
Media = greatest chance to create advocacy and recommendations
14% trust advertising
78% trust social media recommendations
Social media for organisations?
The end of business as usual!
Years to reach 50m users:
Radio: 38 years
TV: 13 years
Internet: 4 years
Facebook = 3rd largest country
Point Personal Promote
What's next?
I'm here
Add value to our lives
Converse with us, Like us, Follow us,
share our content
Show us and tell us why we should care
What's my influence?
Old way
New way
Push marketing
Control over brand
Deepen relationships
Drive advocacy & more sales by engaging with customers
Generate new ideas in R&D Test ideas in market
Generate new ideas faster
Speed time to market & gain market share via customer insight & break through ideas
Email & tel comms
Knowledge kept in silos
Enable a more effective workforce
Save money by building professional networks to respond faster to opportunities
Social Media Guidelines?
Talk to staff, positively
Bring credit to our company
Do not bring our company into disrepute
Respond and fix facts
Clear division between company pages and "personal" pages
Thanks for your attention
Any questions?

Unhappy customer: rectify the situation through normal customer care, provide direct contact details
Misguided: fix the facts, provide direct contact details
Raging: fix the facts, monitor, provide direct contact details
Troll: report, block and ban
1 click away
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