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Quality Assurance Reporting at a Multi-Campus System.

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Alfred Miller

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Quality Assurance Reporting at a Multi-Campus System.

Quality Assurance Reporting at a Multi-Campus System: How the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates is structuring their efforts to report on quality assurance across all campuses. Including how we approach OFI’s (Opportunities for Improvement) and communicate and engage with ACBSP in the submittal.
Quality Assurance Report; or QA Report
is due every two years from every accredited school after a school becomes accredited.
Research Questions:
1. What is a QA Report?
2. Which schools are required to Submit a QA Report?
3. How often is a school required to submit a QA Report?
4. What is a QA Report's Due Date?
5. Are there any penalties associated with QA report?

Communicate through ACBSP Website
Direct Communication with Steve Parscale
Networking at conferences
ACBSP Committees
Internal Communication--
Zoom Teleconferencing Software
Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs)

These will be communicated to the business unit as feedback in response to an accreditation, reaffirmation or QA Report.
Register an Account
Attend and Present at Conferences
Evaluator Mentor Experience and Training
Teaching Excellence Awards
Strategic Planning Committee
Scholar-Practitioner Publication Committee Editorial Policy Board
Partnership Opportunities with ACBSP and Region 8 Members
Student Opportunities

Communication with:
Dean of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Executive Dean
Associate Dean
Business Chairs
System Representative
Champion Co-Champion
Accreditation Subcommittee
Management Committee
QA Report
17 Campus System
QA Reports are due either 28 February or September; depending on whether or not the school first became accredited on a Spring or Fall accreditation cycle.
If you don't know what your OFI's are just contact ACBSP.

Terms of Reference
Action Plan
MBA Candidacy
Facilitate Student and Faculty Attendance of Conferences
Identify and Formulate Partnerships

Schools that fail to be timely in their reporting requirements risk being placed on probation
Qualify all campuses that offer a business degree
Multi-campus systems should operate from a one college approach
Move away from a silo-based approach for ACBSP reporting.
QA Reporting time is not the time to show how your campus does things differently.

Standard 4
KCA's, SWA's and other unified exams
Use factual data to track and improve outcomes
External benchmarking
-Industry experts
-Peregrine Academics
-ACBSP, Region 8 Partners and partners of excellence
Use data to improve program

Deputy Vice-Chancellor/Executive Dean of Business
Dean of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
Associate Dean
System Representative
Standard 5
AQ Faculty
ACBSP offers to assess faculty
Updated CV's
Teaching load
Scholarly and Professional activity
Offerings meet design requirements and measured outcomes used to improve program
Thank you!
Commission for Academic Accreditation
A UAE Federal Accreditation Body
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