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Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands

No description

Micaela Caruso

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Lowlands
Similar to the "interior plains, these lowlands have bedrock formed of sedimentary rock from the Paleozoic era." One can see the escarpment formed by differential erosion in many different areas. The most well known one is the Niagara Escarpment.

Define Differential Erosion. What Did This Type of Erosion Form Here?
The definition of Differential Erosion is the "process whereby softer sedimentary rocks erode more quickly than harder rock shaping the surface of the landscape. (Eg. three different levels of elevations on the prairies)
Describe The Topography of This Region. What Was Responsible For Creating Such A Unique Topography?
Within the St. Lawrence Lowlands the physical aspects consists of rolling landscapes (there are many small hills and slopes). However, the lowlands are not plain, or flat, as they have many small hills . The reason that the Great lakes and St. Lawrence lowlands are how the way they are is because of the glaciation processes.
What Type of Economic Activities Take Place in This Region?
"The St. Lawrence Lowlands and the great lakes region is the most southerly region in Canada." Agriculture is well suitable in these regions because of the southern warm climate . The flat land and easy access to waterways in the regions is also a major contributing factor. Approximately 50% of Canada lives in this region. "Montreal and Toronto, Canada's two largest cities are located here, with 70% of the countries manufacturing industries."
Why is Farming Ideal In This Region?
The region is well suited for agriculture because of it's rich soils and warm climate. The flat land is also ideal for transportation routes.
What Percent of Canada Population Lives In This Area?
In the landforms regions of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence approximately 50% of those living in Canada lives within this region.
What Type of Rock Dominates This Region?
Why Is This region Termed "Canada's Industrial and Urban Heart Land" ?
This landforms region is called Canada's Industrial Urban Heartland because the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river are forms of transportation and power sources. The cities of Quebec city, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are located near the St.Lawrence which means they all have easy access to water ways.41
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