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Rizo Swirl

No description

Nadja Ammann

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Rizo Swirl

Rizo Swirl
Nadja Ammann
1. Cubic RAW Base
2 units
18 units
19 units connected
2. Forming cup for rivoli
1st thread: go through all
11° of inner top row
2nd thread: add 11° to bottom row
3. Insert the rivoli
add rivoli
add 11°s to outer top row...
4. Embelishment
Add 2 rows of picots:
attach 11° to top outer cubic RAW row (only with 18mm rivoli)...
attach 15°s to first peyote row...
5. Support Rizos
push "old" Rizos up (towards rivoli), push the new ones of step 3 down
coming from a "new" Rizo, add 15°s
add 1x 15° in between
Add Rizos between the bottom row of Rizos:
add more 11°...
6. Attach ringband
... to those 11°...
new >
old >
visit my blog: perlenringe.blogspot.ch/
send me your feedback: nadja.ammann@gmx.net (I'd love to hear from you!)
follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nadja.ammann.10
Confused? Have a look at Heathers brilliant video on how to bead cubic RAW:
Feel free to share, teach, give!
18mm rivoli: 19 units
12mm rivoli: 14 units
14mm rivoli: 16 units
14mm or 18mm Rivoli
1st element - step by step:
1. String 4x 11° and close to a circle, push to
the middle of your thread (you will need the
other end of the thread later):
= back
2. String 3x 11° and close to another circle:
= top
3. String 1x purple Rizo and 1x 11°:
= (left hand) side
4. Add 1x 11 and 1x pink Rizo:
= bottom
5. Add 1x purple Rizo:
= (right hand) side
6. Go through 11°, purple Rizo, pink Rizo,
purple Rizo and again through 11°:
= front
pic from bottom (upside down)
Rivoli will sit on this row
picture upside down
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