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San Francisco, CA Emergency Plan

No description

Smera Palanivel

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of San Francisco, CA Emergency Plan

San Francisco, CA Emergency Plan
By: Smera Palanivel, Zack Carroll, Jack Williamson, Zane Nelson, Lee Morris, and Maggie Milligan
Citizens should NOT evacuate the city in the event of an earthquake; instead, they should retreat to shelters (which will be marked on the map) in their cars, where there will be food, water, supplies, and first aid.
If a citizen is in any way disabled and cannot get to the shelters or does not own a car, there will be transportation available to take citizens to the shelters.
Places (Important locations)
On the map the following things will be marked:
Places to avoid
Safe spots/Shelters
Evacuation routes (if the earthquake gets severe)
Injured/Sick area
We highly recommend having three days worth of food and water at least

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