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Content-based Marketing for Carlson School

No description

Marci Stevenson

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Content-based Marketing for Carlson School

People facing important buying decisions have more information available to them than ever before.
They need someone to help them find their way through the available content....
To help them sort out what is valuable and what is not...
and answer their questions.
They don't need someone to sell them something...
Content Marketing is about building
How to get started:
Consumer research may start long before they are ready to buy....
It is not about showing
them how great you are....
It is about showing them how
you can help them be great.
To do it right, you need to think,
plan and act like a publisher...

Your customers and prospects are your readers.
Your focus should be on marketing your content not
your products.
3 Key Concepts
Divide up customers
& prospects by needs
Identify steps in each
group's decision
making process
Add or repurpose content and map
to decision steps
Develop pilot plan to
market content
Establish key
Pilot and evaluate
Identify their
information gaps
Survey your available
With many different sources of data and opinions.
What is the ROI of Content Marketing

Deepen Understanding of Customer's Needs
Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention
Increase Lead Generation
Content Marketing
What is Content Marketing?
Two Audiences
Prospective Buyer
Existing Customer
Real Life Example:
Why is content marketing so important now?
Who is doing content marketing?

* Good video quality for slow motion play back
* Works well in bright light
* Good investment - will not be come obsolete too quickly
* Portable - not too big
* Easy to upload video to video analysis tool
Situation: Need to buy a new video camera for ski team for video analysis
My "Scavenger Hunt"

"camera for sports video analysis" - found something helpful from 2009

Mark Price - Managing Partner
Some ways to market your content:

1. Blog
2. Social Media
3. Newsletters/email
4. External Links
5. SEO - Keywords
6. Slideshare
7. Reposting on industry sites
8. Syndication of your content

According to the Roper Public Affairs:
80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles vs advertisement
70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company
60% say that company content helps them make better product decisions.

1280 x 720
Key Points:
Consumers are deluged with information on the web.
The purchase process has become more complex and there is a decline in brand preference.
Marketers must differentiate themselves by helping consumers navigate the information.
This all requires a whole new vision of the marketing/sales process.
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