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Auckland Grammar Rugby Academy

Sports Academy and Educational Institution

Tracy Helleur

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of Auckland Grammar Rugby Academy

Auckland Grammar School Produce 3-5 New All Blacks by 2020 Will we? World Class facilities and resources available to students and staff of Auckland Grammar Have we? Win more Championship titles both National and Regional Can we? WHERE TO FROM HERE? Are we? The best performing Rugby Secondary School in the World Stepping Stones To Success Utilise our Old Boys and Networks Talent Identification Development pathways Educate using quality Instruction Monitor Progress Evaluate and Reform Utilise our existing facilities Build Depth After 144 years, are we still the leading rugby school in New Zealand? Implement the AGS RHPC following guidelines of the conceptualisation process A Sustainable Rugby Performance Model that delivers results on all levels 1 2 3 Establish AGS RHHP To implement varying levels of rugby programmes and workshops for each of the Three Grades To establish rugby scholarships for talented individuals entering secondary school Mid Term Goals 1-2 Years Short Term Goals-Immediate Long Term Goals 3-5 Years High Performance Unit 1st XV
2nd XV
Under 15s
Under 14s A Weight Grades 3A
7A All other teams 3B and all other teams below this grade 2005-2013 Timeline We've done a lot of foundational work already 2005-08 AGS RHPP Omar Slaimankhel-Rugby Professional(Japan)/League Professional NZ Warriors
Winston Stanley- Rugby Professional-Blues/Western Force
Dan Prior-Rugby Professional-Northland
Ash Moeke- Rugby Professional-Auckland
Tom Halse-Rugby Professional-Counties/France
Braxton Stanley-League Professional-NZ Warriors 20s
Jack Turley- Canterbury HPU
Scott Bracey- Auckland HPU 2005-2013 NSG Rugby Camps and
Holiday Programmes Three Prong Grade System Employ Staff Staffing
Resources and Materials
Communications Establish a budget (or contractors) High Performance Director
High Performance Manager
High Performance Administrator Build Inventory Utilise existing Equipment
Resources and Materials to build an inventory database Establish a: Marketing Plan Incorporating Sponsorship and Fundraising initiatives to fund the AGS RHHP Financial Planning Communications Telephone
Build database
Enquiries and feedback (land and mobile) (or webpage) Administration Administration Duties: Evaluation
Literature Reviews
Health and Safety
Policy Writing Holiday Programmes 2-5 programmes per year
User pay
Sports Based
Arts Based
Entertainment Based
Theme Based
Quarterly database updates Income, Talent Identification, Recruitment High Performance Camps Income, Talent Identification, Recruitment 2x Camps per year
Tibbs House
Rugby HP Specific
User Pay
Half Yearly database updates Fundraisers Events NSG envision world class large scale events that will provide funding to create sustainable yet well provisioned AGS HP Programmes into the future and beyond WHERE DO WE START? EVOLVE Conseptualise: Action: Strategic Planning and establish foundations for the implementation of the AGS RHPC Sustainability: ALL BLACKS 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2013 1980 Championship
1981 Championship
1983 Championship
1984 Runners Up
1986 Championship
NZ Championship
1987 Runners Up
1989 Championship CHAMPIONSHIPS 2004 Championship
2006 Championship
2009 Runners Up
2010 Championship 1990 Championship
1992 Championship
NZ Championship
1993 Championship
1994 Runners Up
1995 Runners Up
1999 Championship 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2013 1981-1991 G W Whetton
1981 J W Boe
1984-1991 A J Whetton
1984-1993 G J Fox
1984 J G Mills
1985-1987 J A Drake
1987 J A Buchan
1989 M J Ridge 1993-1995 A D Strachan
1993-1994 S P Howarth
1997 C C Riechelmann
1997 J C Stanley 2000-2006 D C Howlett
2003 BAC Atiga
2010 BJ Stanley Skills Fitness Honour Education Family Speed Nutrition Biomechanics Learn Practice Injury Prevention Fun Goals Grammar Boys to Grammar Men Creating player pathways from primary through Secondary and post Secondary into adulthood, enables us to provide a future focus for our students and also establishes a basis for sustainable coaching and development resources. Sustainability THE TIME IS NOW!

There will be difficulties along the way

But in the end we will succeed Lets go back to school
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