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Five Themes of Geography

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Todd Brogan

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography

Human environment interaction
Human environment interaction shows us how people change and adapt to their surroundings.

Places use physical or human characteristics to describe where something is.
Location tells us where in the world something can be found.

An example of place is when I ordered a pizza I had to tell the delivery man where my house is. "Please delivery the pizza to my house at 2100 Main Street".
...outside of Okanoganm Wash
In northern Washington...
absolute location
will use longitude and latitide to accurately describe the location.
relative location
uses descriptive language to show how a location is connected to other places.
Movement allows you to interact with each other in our big world.
Movement includes the transportation and communication systems that carry people and ideas around the globe.

Yosemite National Park is known as a place because of its physical characteristics.
...near a fire line outside Okanogan, Wash.
In the August 23, 2015 Fox news article about the Washington Wildfires, we can see the use of relative location to describe where the fires are located. In the caption for the picture the location is described as "... near a fire line outside Okanogan, Wash." In the body of the article the location is referred to as "In northen Washington." Relative location works well in this article because most people would not be familiar with the longitude and latitude of the location but most would recognize the general area of Washington state.
The August 25, 2015 article about Yosemite's 99 year celebration, written by Mary Forgione, is an example of the Places theme in geography. The article does not provide a detailed location of Yosemite because it is such a well known physical characteristic in US geography. Similar to the Eifel Tower in Paris and the Pyrymids in Egypt, the natural and human characterics of these places have become associated to geographic locations.

The article about Human ancestors butchering of animals by Tia Ghose references the Awash River valley in Ethiopia. The river valley is described as the
arid region.
Describing locations that have common characteristics as regions help us to distinguish areas from other boundaries or characteristics. The western region, middle east region, mountain region, desert region, and the farming region are just a few examples of the use of regions to describe a location.
The Reuters article on China's land reclamation is an example of the Human environment interaction theme. China feels there is a need to have land in a strategic location and therefore is transforming the environment to support a human need. Humans have been transforming the environment for centuries. Our modern dams, highways, and buildings are just a few of the ways humans change and adapt to the world will live in.
The Reuters article by Michele Kambas describes the movement of Syrian people to Egypt. The refugees migrated to Egypt on a ferry. People, products and information move around the world in different ways. Boats, planes, trains, cars, and the internet are just some of the ways we see movement in geography.
Five Themes of Geography
A region is an area that is defined by certain similar characteristics. Those unifying or similar characteristics can be physical, natural, human, or cultural.
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