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Reciprocity Treaty

No description

Nicole Patel

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Reciprocity Treaty

Reciprocity Treaty
What was the Reciprocity Treaty?
The Reciprocity Treaty was a treaty between British North America and America, this agreement allowed the U.S fishermen to fish in the Maritime s (ex. New Brunswick),in return America allowed the British North Americans to trade agriculture goods, canola, wood, wheat, metals, fish, coal, oil, and gas.
The traty had really help BNA's colonies, and economy
Why was the Reciprocity Treaty abandoned ? Was there any conflicts, that caused this event?
There were many reasons toward why the Reciprocity Treaty was abandoned.
Many thought, the treaty was only profiting one nation. BNA was the only nation befitting, the Americans was not gaining from the treaty.
Britain began to think to move away from colonial preference in 1846 when it repealed the Corn Laws. Corn Laws governed the import and export of grain.
America was angry that, the British had unofficially supported the South, in the American Civil War. This caused a conflict, which lead to a conclusion.
The Treaty later on was abandoned, in 1865. BNA tried to regain the trust of America, but did not succeed.
Yes, the cancellation of the Treaty did affect the colonies. BNA had fell into great depression, financial wise.The colonies had very less resources of nourishment , that they could not find in there local areas. This caused a problem. Eventually, the British tried to make a deal with America, but America was not interested; since they were not going to gaining anything from the deal. This was the second damaging development for the colonies. The first was the sales loss in New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia in fish market.
Did the Reciprocity Treaty help in the making of Canada?
Yes, the Reciprocity Treaty did help in the making of Canada, if we were to be more precise, there were many reasons why the Treaty helped in the making of Confederation. Let's take a brief view on this topic, to understand it

Today, I'm gonna talk about the Reciprocity Treaty, and some brief information. But, there is one main question, that I will be answering today. Today, I'm going to share my theory with all of you. There will be a mini trivia at the end, so stay tuned.
Did the cancellation of the Reciprocity Treaty, affect the Britain colonies?
Confederation was made because:
the British wanted the British colonies to be more independent .
• It was necessary to work out a new system of government to help solve the continuing problems between the English- and French-speaking representatives of the united province of Canada, who had different priorities.
America was rich and powerful,they feared that unsettled land in north and west could get claimed by the United states, since they were looking for a new area to stake.
So, the politicians of BNA came up with a plan to unite the colonies under one government.
How the treaty helped?
The Treaty helped realize how strong the colonies were on there own. They agreed to unite under one government.
They came too think, why not trade amongst themselves, this way it will help the economy prosperity; if they could trade with America which helped boast their economy, trading amongst themselves would help, as well. Without having good economy, we wouldn't be able to unite
The Reciprocity treaty was bit helpful, even though it was a big impact

The Treaty was signed by Elgin Marcy in 1854
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In conclusion, the Treaty did help i the making of Canada. It helped realize how strong the colonies were indecently. The treaty did not the biggest impact or role, but it did somewhat help the making of Canada
Thank you for listening and have a good day!
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