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Controlled Assessment

No description

Nick Stroud

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Controlled Assessment

Controlled Assessment
Of Mice and Men
Engages with multiple meanings and interpretations
Making points not expected of the average candidate. Original interpretations.
Explore the ways writers present ideas about
the good and bad in people.
Establishes clear argument with a sense of multiple interpretations
Detailed analysis of language considering different approaches author's use
Integrated use of textual evidence
Analysis used to support and develop argument
Descriptive with only superficial analysis
Separated points that are not cohesively used within the argument
Focus on character with limited understanding of an author at work
Ideas underdeveloped with little sense of multiple interpretation
Compare the way feelings of love are presented
Engages with writer's ideas
Multiple interpretations
Evaluation of writer's ideas and approach
Detailed analysis of language, structure and form
Integrated textual evidence
Analysis of dramatic features
Detailed and sustained comparison
Context integrated and drawn out of the text to illuminate meanings
Over reliance on plot
Describing language rather than analysing
Not addressing the author's ideas
Focus on character not author
Limited textual evidence
Limited comparison
Lacking 'sophistication'
Text coverage
Persuasive or Creative
Structure is used to support the ideas
Impressive vocabulary throughout
Varied sentence structures that adds maturity
A clear sense of voice
Features of language are integrated in the writing
High level of accuracy
Uses sophisticated punctuation
Ideas explored are complex
Too much focus on the topic at the expense of the language used
Rhetorical features of language used in a clumsy way
Accuracy in spelling & grammar
Lack of sentence variety
Absence of cohesive structure
Spoken Language
Explore some of the ways people adapt their spoken language when at work.
Clear sense of the purposes of language
Analysis and evaluation of how language is used
Detailed reference to the data that has been used
Clear sense of multiple interpretations in the ways that language is used
Addresses issues of spoken language
Explores attitudes to spoken language
Doesn't analyse the language used
Limited evaluation
Not enough about the varieties of language
Doesn't refer enough to the data or over relies on it
Attitudes to spoken language are ignored or tagged on.
Lacks 'sophistication'
Doesn't answer the question
Lacks structure and addresses point in an unconnected and incoherent manner
No chance to redraft
The teacher shouldn't plan the essay for the students
Students lack independence and try to reproduce what the teacher has said
They struggle with analysis and multiple ideas - They want a 'correct' answer
We rely on them writing a draft before the assessment but they often don't
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