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No description

Nippi 01

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of E-Safety

By Nippi01 E-Safety Definition: Being bullied in messages and calls. Cyberbullying Call these numbers: O2: 08705214000 Vodafone: 191 Orange: 450 T-mobile: 150 3: 333 If you're being cyberbullied: Chat with people you know Tell someone about it. In some ways it's illegal... Help others if they are in this situation. Technology is a great thing. So we need to know how to use it... SAFELY!! Use privacy settings. Be careful who you accept as friends. make sure you know them. Give your number to people you know well. Mobile Phones Social Networking Sites Think of what you write before you click send. When using a camera be careful on which pics you send out. People can track what you've sent even if you've deleted it from your sent box. Be careful who you are talking to, people can lie about anything! Don't share personal information whilst chatting. Anyone can use it and change it. If you are finding someone who you talk to is acting strangely block them. That way they can't message you any more. Save any messages that seems wrong or strange. That way an adult can see them. So remember, there are things you must do to stay safe. You must follow the rules to be safe and... Smiley! :) Thank you for watching! Chat Rooms
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