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China prezi

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Matt Bennett

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of China prezi

Animals and wildlife in

Lots of animals such as pandas live in bamboo forests.Lots of animals live in the bamboo forests but those are quickly being destroyed.Lots of other animals live in forests meadows swamps and lakes
There are 2 types of pandas that live in China. The more known one is the Giant Panda and the other one is a red panda . They both live in bamboo forests but the Red Panda is smaller and likes to climb(Red Pandas also can live in meadows and fields).
The pangolin is like an armodillo but they are longer however the armodillo is usually higher while the pangolin is flat.They usually live on the forest floors.But they can also climb
The Dugong live off the coast of China in the ocean. The Dugong can swim but it usually shuffles along the seabed while eating sea grass.They are also known as sea cows.
Golden snub nosed monkey
The golden snub nosed monkey eat lichens,young leaves, fruit, seeds, buds, herbs, bark and flowers. They live in the mountains in 4 provinces called Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi and Hubei.
Topic 7
Baiji river dolphin
The Baiji river dolphin is only found in the Yangtze river. The dolphin when they are calves grow up to 60-90cm.Male adults are about 2-3m but scientists now believe they are becoming extinct as only a couple have been seen in the last few years.
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