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Indian marriage customes

my projectt,, due apr 30th,

Melinda Lawson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Indian marriage customes

Indian Marriage Customs! Why do alot of people think arranged marriages bad?
Why wouldnt arranged marriages be absoultly horrible? A couple reason why arranged marriages would be bad are. 1) you would think that your parents or guardien know's you to the fullest, <most indian familes are very close> So u would think that they would pick someone right for you, but most indian marriage are with two people who acually hate eachother. 2) since most Indians dont get devorced, many indians spend the rest of there lives with the person who they were forced to marry. what are some cool facts about Indian Marriages? >.< 1) Some indians go threw the ritual of anoiteing their bodies with oils, and candel wax.
2) some other indians go threw the ritual of having to pay to bring their bride home.
3) the man useally wears a big long shirt that covers him from neck to the feet, a headdress, makeup and a little squirt of perfume.
Those are some really cool facts that some indians do when they get married. There are many more, and some very strange ones that do not occur in the U.S. Like your supposed to wear a pink, or red wedding dress. What are the steps in an Indian Marriage?? In an Indian Marriage there are some steps you have to take called the 5 steps. These steps are what bind the couples together. here are the seven steps. 1) Celebrate eachothers joy 2) be loyal to eachother 3) be respectful to eachothers family 4) provide prosper living 5) exspand herity by having children. These are supposed to be vowls and your promises to one another. These promises are almost the same as ours.
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