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Essay Writing Part II: Connections

Unified Explanations and Details Make Strong Paragraphs

Robert Ongcoy

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Essay Writing Part II: Connections

One Direction, One argument.
Reason 1:
Let's put the paragraph together!
Let's just choose the arguments that answer the
2 X Supporting arguments
2-3x Detail sentences
Bringing your arguments and ideas TOGETHER
by Robert Ongcoy
English Language Educator

Great topic sentences have:
ONE topic, and ONE controlling idea that we can argue for or against.

Schools should make students wear school uniforms.
1) Schools are places where students study.
Let's start with an argument or opinion.
Look at these 3 sentences.
Which one has ONE clear argument that you can argue for or against?
2) Schools should make students wear school uniforms.
3) Great schools should have red walls and shouldn't be open at night time.
controlling idea
Use questions to develop the idea.
hools make students wear school uniforms?

hools make students wear school uniforms?
Turn it into a question!
Which makes more sense?
should schools
make students wear school uniforms?
they can improve school climate and school spirit
less negative student behavior toward others
Uniforms -> Improve academic performance
Let's brainstorm reasons to answer our question!
Are these three reasons different from each other?
Do these three reasons answer the question?
Great! Let's explain each one!
Uniforms -> Improve academic performance
Normally students are distracted by brand names, fashion and style
UNIFORMS: remove pressure to compete for fashion
Leads to students focusing on their studies more
Reason #2
...because: less negative student behavior toward each other
some negative behaviors (i.e. bullying) start from one group of students mistreating those who seem different from them (e.g. quality of clothes, brand names, & colors)
when everyone looks the same, this reason for negative behavior is removed
Reason #3
...because wearing uniforms improves school climate and school spirit
if students wear uniforms that good for the weather, they will not feel too hot or uncomfortable
the student could not explain HOW or WHY about the argument.


the student shouldn't use this.
What does the student mean?
Why are there Question marks (????) ?
Schools should make students wear school uniforms
wearing uniforms can improve student performance
. When students do not wear uniforms, they can be distracted by what they wear and not focus on studying. Making students wear uniforms may remove the pressure to compete with fashion and give them time to concentrate on their studies, and lead to better performance


a reduction in negative student behavior toward each other is another reason to support school uniforms
In fact
, bullying is a negative behavior that is sometimes connected to students targeting others who seem different. If everyone wore uniforms, then there would be less reason to notice the differences and these negative behaviors might stop.
In summary...
Writing good paragraphs involve:

Making ONE clear argument or opinion

Supporting sentences that answer the topic if it were a question

Detail & Example sentences that illustrate the argument.
Next time...
1) Icebergs: Bigger than they appear
How citations make your paragraphs stronger

2) Same same, but Different:
How introductions and Conclusions are almost the same
While reason #3 (WHY)
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