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Mission 3

No description

Kellie Brown-Kenyon

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Mission 3

Planet Earth
- 3rd planet from the sun
- 5th largest planet
- only known planet that has living organisms living on it.
- the word 'earth' means 'the ground.'
- it takes about 8 minutes for light to reach earth from the sun.
Inner Core
is solid
made from iron and nickel
is 5400 degrees celsius
Outer Core
is liquid
made of iron and nickel
is 2300 kilometres thick (twice the diameter of tne inner core
This is the thickest layer that is like caramel in conistency.
It is a hot mixture of molten rock
nearly 3000 kilometres thick
Surface of Earth
similar to some other planets (which I won't give away because you need to find out which ones) the surface has volcanos, mountains and valleys.
ocean covers nearly 70% of the surface of Earth
Earth's oceans also hold 97% of the water on Earth
What is earth made of?
Earth has 4 layers: an inner core at the centre of the earth, which is enveloped by an outer core, then a mantle and a crust.
this is what we live on and build on
is about 30 kilometres thick on land on average
can be as little as 3 kilometres deep on the seabed
Planet Earth
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