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Who is Lamar Morgan?

Small business columnist, marketer and mentor

Lamar Morgan

on 27 August 2011

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Transcript of Who is Lamar Morgan?

I am both a national and a bi-coastal small business columnist. Who is
Lamar Morgan? I am a linchpin thinker - an
indespensable cog within the
"wheel of innovation." I look both inside and outside
the box of conventional wisdom. For example, I recommend
thinking SMALL to accomplish
BIG things. Have you ever considered the BIGNESS of SMALLNESS
or how PASSION attracts PASSION? Watch this video. Ft. Lauderdale Examiner I write about exciting small businesses to give them more visibility. For example, SmartEnergy Shots beckons from the City by the Bay, San Francisco. There is an interesting story behind this healthy beverage in the elegant frosted bottle. Read all about it at www.budurl.com/SmartEnergy1. I am a social media marketer. What does that mean to me? It means I am engaged in crowd mechanics and the movement of social capital (people) from one place to another. What could that mean to you? It could mean that what you need - be it customers or employees - comes to you. (Reverse engineering your needs really can work.) That's the "surprise benefit" to social media marketing. As a Foursquare Super Mayor and Marketing Manager in both California and Florida, I say "Social media marketing can surprise you. It can make the 'shop local' idea actually work."

I offer up this TV news clip from San Francisco regarding Foursquare as evidence what social media marketing can accomplish is quite amazing. Check it out. But, does the social media
marketing approach
really work? I am a mentor. Mentoring tools include:
a) Media resources
b) Personalized job bank
c) Marketing sparks
d) Personalized referral system My marketing efforts have received commendation from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether you want a better future for your company or your career, seeking my services may enhance it. I also provide
comic relief. I invite you to connect with me several ways: Link to me on Linkedin: www.budurl.com/LinkedinToLamar Capture my QR code
with your cell phone
and join my virtual business card network. Request my professional services via Thumbtack.com at www.budurl.com/ThumbtackProfile. Thank you for taking the time to watch this Prezi presentation.

- Lamar Morgan
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