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International Student Ministries of New Zealand


Mario Garcia

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of International Student Ministries of New Zealand

Mission Helping international students in New Zealand become life-long followers of Jesus in their home country. Vision All international students in New Zealand have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus. Students from many countries – some inaccessible to traditional missionary endeavour – grow as followers of Jesus while studying in New Zealand, continue to serve God throughout their lives, and help many in their home countries and around the world become and grow as followers of Jesus, thereby helping reach their communities and countries for Christ. The Great Commission:
“Go and make disciples of all Nations!”
Matthew 28 v.19-20 The SECOND Dimension of Mission:
“Return home and tell how much God has done for you!”Luke 8 v. 39 ISMNZ Now Contributes Through Second Dimension Mission in over 40 countries and Growing A third of 10/40 window gateway cities have returned graduates living working and serving Christ within 15% of longer stay international students leave New Zealand with some form of Christian belief
Past experience indicates ~10% of Christian returning graduates grow into significant Christian ministry roles
These 2nd Dimension Missionaries are a significant contribution to Missions
Consider This: How do we do this? With international students In New Zealand:
RETURN ~ SEND With returnees overseas:
LINK Ministry Interns How do we do this? 2007 Ministry Interns from:
China, Malaysia, Japan, India, and New Zealand 2008 Ministry Interns from:
Mexico, Scotland, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan 2009 Ministry Interns from:
Mexico, Scotland, Vanuatu, Japan and Tonga COMPETENT STAFF
More workers with capacity to reach, teach & lead
Supervisors for an increasing number of interns in training

Interns & international students are a spiritual battleground
Continued prayer support for those that graduate and transition to ministry overseas

Funding of fees scholarship for internationals coming to internship from our ministries amongst students
Funding of staff workers and national ministry NEEDS ISMNZ Prepares godly leaders for the experience of RE-ENTRY into their countries of origin. In a Nutshell ... How do we achieve this? Partnership with churches
Short term missions
Ministry internship
Part time staff
Full time staff Imagine the impact of investing in one ... Staff ISM in Hamilton
A team of volunteers
Friday evening meetings at the Waikato U chapel
International Connections Questions? Reaching the nations from our doorstep
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