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No description

Flor Alba Paez

on 17 October 2010

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Transcript of Anecdote

& Did I ever told you about... A FEW MINUTES NEAR DEATH !!! HAKUNA MATATA...
HAKUNA... I said myself... Now I look back and say... It has been one of the worst
things that I have lived... Thanks a lot The day in which I
thought I would die? I call that experience... Where? and...? I went with my sister, my sister's boyfriend and a friend of mine That afternoon had been excellent until my sister had the marvelous idea of... I entered with my sister and she sat down.
I kept on observing the people near us and I did not sit.
I just grasped the rod that was in front of me. The tropicana
began to move and I could not sit down I was 13 I accepted an invitation to go to SALITRE MAGICO
amusement park. I was really happy. I
Loved those places in which
I could play and ride in several
mechanic attractions Riding in the Tropicana !!! I felt a big pressure behind me and
I could not move my body by my own.
My hands became cold and I was really frightened after a few seconds... I just remember my sister could not stop
laughing and laughing at me while I was about
to shout and cry. I tried to compress my hands and close
my eyes to forget I was there. It lasted some
minutes and I thought I was going to fly and
to fell died. What if i hadn't tried to calm down
and compress my hands? I was brave at that time despite
of my sister did not help me I think that a long time has to pass
to come back to those places and have
fun with someone else. When? I am afraid of just entering in a
n amusement park
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