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on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Murals


Philadelphia, the city of murals
Artist Research Task: Banksy
Student Activity
Using reputable internet sources (not Wikipedia) answer the following questions in your visual art diary;
What techniques does Banksy use? How has artistic practice developed over time?

Do you consider what Bansky is doing graffiti or street art (research the difference), why?

How has Banksy influenced the artworld, research how this is significant in relation to the art-historical frame

Explore Banksy's interaction with the viewer (exploration of the artist-viewer frames)
In photo shop design a set of 3 stencils, of things that you might see on your way to school.

This website provides a step by step guide on how to create a stencil
Compare the similarities in style and contrast the differences.

Discuss why these differences exist? (consider aesthetics and how the artists chose to represent their culture)
Murals within different cultures

Students are to consider the cultural framework and match up several murals with the appropriate culture.
students are then to consider why these variations exist.
Students then post their answers on edmodo.


Students briefly explore this website to expand their understanding of how street art is made and facilitate a discussion around how they could possible develop their mural
Student Presentation
Students are to develop a focus for their mural. chose something that is important to them or they are interested in.

Facilitate group discussion, students are to decide if they want to work on a large group project or smaller works that interrelate

Once they have decided on a topic, students research how they can develop their idea and how they can represent it in an original way.

Students to present their research on edmodo

Students consider the contexual relevance of their work and how they want to create meaning in their work. considering previously examined issues, specifically the cultural and subjective frames and the conceptual framework of artist, artwork, artworld, audience.

The overall depth of the assignment is up to the student, specifically there is no word limit. however higher quality responses will reflect understanding and exploration of the concept.

The activities outlined previously are highly relevant to the syllabus and attempt to facilitate high quality student responses. and have been ordered sequentially to facilitate high quality student responses. As outlined in the visual arts syllabus document, students are encouraged to focus on developing understanding of the conceptual framework and the frames of the artist, artwork and artworld. Thus these activities have been designed to strengthen and expand these understandings.

The first two games from the kids Tate website and the related activity are focused around building fundamental understanding of how meaning can be developed through students artistic practice. And then contextualizing it within the setting of street art and exploring how this relationship fits into a contemporary art setting.

The' banksy research task' attempts to expand student understanding of artist practice, as well as exploring the role of the audience and banksy's relevance to the artworld. all of which are key focuses of the visual arts syllabus.

The 'Photoshop' activity is focused around expanding student understanding of artist practice in a practical way as well as developing student IT capabilities.

The 'murals from different cultures' and Internet activity attempts to contextualize the cultural and subjective frame for students. The related extension activity attempts to deepen student understanding of how the cultural frame influences artmaking practice.

The presentation task focuses on developing student agency and enabling students to explore the real world impact their artmaking practice can have. The use of digital resources in this activity is important in facilitating student engagement, in a traditional presentation, many students often display discomfort speaking in front of their peer group. the use of a digital medium removes this issue.

References have been provided throughout the prezi where appropriate.
Teacher's Notes
Extension Activity: Murals
Mexican Murals
Japanese Murals
Contemporary Murals
This activity aims to expand students understanding of murals and the cultural framework by expanding their understanding through integration of technology
Using the internet, print off a picture of an ordinary everyday landscape. Using your imagination transform this image into a place where everything you encounter is magical, exaggerated, or slightly altered from reality.
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Deanne O'Sullivan and Todd Binger
To access the prezi online go to:

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