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Mt. Saint Helens


Lauren Johann

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Mt. Saint Helens

By: Lauren Johann Location Type of volcano Five important facts Citing Mount Saint Helens is located in the Cascade Range in southwestern Washington and is -122.191 degrees longitude and 46.1978 degrees latitude. Mount Saint Helens is a active, composite
volcano and erupted most recently in 1980,
killing 59 people with a violent eruption. -Inside the crater there is a dome with
the youngest glacier in the world
-Mount Saint Helens was named for the
British navigator Caption George Vancover in 1792 for Lord Saint Helens
-The 1980 eruption sent debris 12 miles flying
-The first successful climbers were Thomas Dryer and party
-The crater is doughnut-shaped www.Peakware.com
www.studyjams.com (Again) By: Lauren Johann Mount Saint Helens
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