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Altered Books

Presentation for RCHS Artists to inspire altered book development.

Sarah Nestheide

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Altered Books

Altered Books
What is an altered book???
An altered book is any existing book that has been changed by cutting, pasting, painting, stitching, punching, glittering, or otherwise altering the inside and/or outside of the book.
Why alter books?
Books provide a great substrate for art.
By adding to an already existing object we can take the original purpose of that piece to a whole new place.
Altered books are actually an old way of recycling. In the 11th Century Italian monks recycled old manuscripts written on vellum by scraping off the ink and adding new text and illustrations on top of the old. This was known as
In the late 19th century people used old books as a sort of scrapbook, pasting on its pages the ephemera from their society including magazine images, personal recipes, and family pictures. This is
a Victorian practice of illustrating a particular book with engravings torn from other books.
How can you alter a book???
Carve a niche...
Fold the pages.....
Form a seperate sculpture from the pages...
And now for your ASSIGNMENT...
You will create a sculpture using your book.
You will begin with a THEME. Your creation can be based on LITERATURE.
You must one of the techniques mentioned (niche, folding, sculpture) or a combination of them in your book.
You can also paint, add pop-ups, glue tissue paper, add sequins or glitter, add images, use scrapbooking techniques, punch areas, sew areas, add other ephemera, etc, etc, etc....
BE CREATIVE! Push yourself and your ideas. Ask for help.
This is a SCULPTURE. It must be intersting from all visible sides. If the cover is visible, it must be altered. Any pages visible must be altered.
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