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The Globalization Of Subway

Subway globalization

Peyton Smithers

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Globalization Of Subway

Bridgeport Ct.
1965 Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck
Open submarine shop The Globalization Of Subway Fresno, Ca
1978 First Subway on west-Coast Anderson, IN
1987 1000th subway opens Bahrain
1984 First Subway outside
of the North America Romania
2012 Subway has restaurants
in 100 countries with it's
first Subway in Romania. Subway HQ -1965
Subway opens
first sub shop
in CT. -1976
Subway opens
headquarters -1981
Subway opens
200th store -1987
Subway opens
100th location -1984
First subway
opens outside of U.s. -2008
subway opens
30,000th location
worldwide. -2010
Subway introduces
breakfast offerings -2012
subway is
now in 100
countries -2011
worlds largest
restaurant chain Subway is able to have so
many stores because they
are cheap to build and
they are smaller than
regular restaurants.
They are able to build
subways inside
superstores, gas stations,
convenient stores and
other places like that. Population- 313,847,465
life expectancy- 78.49 years
Literacy Rate- 99%
Government Type- Constitutional-based federal republic.
Economic Type- Mixed Market Demographic Chart Of U.S. 10 ways globalization has affected us:
Products are received faster.
Products are cheaper.
Ships jobs to other countries.
Brings jobs to your country.
Helps spread culture.
Unregulated jobs.
Products made more efficiently.
Developed technology.
Developed transportation
Developed education Subway meat is processed
in Denmark, Thailand,
Uruguay, Germany and the U.K. Thailand is the largest
manufacturer for subway Demographic chart of Thailand
Population- 67,091,089
life expectancy- 73.83
Literacy Rate- 92.6%
Government type- Constitutional Monarchy
Economic type- Mixed
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