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on site

No description

kent storie

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of on site

CREW BOSS worker bees driver client care representative JOBS ON SITE
We reply to emails We take clients number and find the best day
for us and the clients for us to do that job. phone calls Our company driver take the working
crew and they're equitment
to each worksite The company's receptionist replys
to each client that emails our company
if they are in intrested in our lawn care services. Our youth lawn care crew's receptionist will reply to
every phone calls that our company gets
from clients that are in need on lawn service Our company's planner will deal with any bookings of jobs
or anything thing that involves the company the youth in our crew are very
hard working and determined
workers that always want the worksite
to be the best it can be.
The Delta Work Options Yard Care crew always
wants the costumers to be pleased with the
work we do when we are done.

when we leave the worksite we always want the client to be pleased with thier lawn.

The crew boss is a person that is put in charge of the worksite.

the crew boss has to make sure the worksite is going nice and safe.

The crew boss is responsible to make sure every work is doing the approperate jobs
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