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The Advantages and disadvantages of being a pharaoh

No description

Ne Ma

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of The Advantages and disadvantages of being a pharaoh

If the Nile river did not flood then you would be blamed for it.
You also had to protect Egypt from enemies.
You are treated like a god.
There are temples built for you,
If something goes wrong you will be blamed for it.
As a pharaoh you have a great deal of responsibility.
If you are a pharaoh you are the most important person in the society. Pharaohs are also very wealthy
As a pharaoh you got to give people orders and tell them what to do.
If they didn't obey you then they would be punished.
The advantages and disadvantages of being a Pharaoh
By: Neha
As a pharaoh you would not get a lot of privacy.
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