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British Birds Of Prey.

Theese AreThe UK's Beautiful Birds Of Prey.

Harley Smith

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of British Birds Of Prey.

The Buzzard Is One Of The Uk's Largest Bird Of Prey. It Ride's the Wind On Those Large Rounded Wings. It Feeds On Small Mammals , Carrion , Insects & Earthworms. You can Sometimes Hear There High Pitched Cries , And See Them Soaring At Great Hights. http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/b/buzzard/index.aspx Common Buzzard ( Buteo Buteo) Kestrel Falco Tinnunculus. Kestrels Are One of The UK's Smallest Birds Of Prey. They Feed On Small Mammals , Birds & Carrion. You Can Sometimes See Them Hovering By Roadsides With Tails Spread Hunting For Prey. The Males And Females Have Different Plumage As You'll See On The Pictures. Male^ Female > European Honey Buzzard Pernis Apivorus Its A Large Bird Of Prey Simular To The Buzzard. Its Plumage Its Browninsh And Grey Head , The Juviniles Are Brown. They Have Striking Plumage Underneath The Wings. They Like Rading Bee's Nests to Collect The Bee's larvae , As The Names Suggests ' Honey Buzzard'. They Feed On Bee Larvae & Carrion. The Migrate to Africa In The Winter. Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus Sparrowhawks Are Flight Masters. They Never Hover , But Weave In And Out Of Trees; Often In Pursuit Of Small Birds. Simular To The 'Kestrel' The Female & Male Have Different Plumage. There Habitat Ranges All Of Britain , Exept Scottish Highlands. They Feed On Small Birds. < Male < Female Barn Owl Tyto Abba Barn Owls.. Probably The Most Loved Of The UK Owls. There Masters Of Silent Flight , Being Able To Catch There Prey Swiftly. There 'Heart' Shaped Face Enables Them To Hear Better. They Like to Nest In Barns Hence The Name 'Barn' Owl. They Feed On Mice , Voles & Shrews. Unfortunatly There Has Been A Decline In Barn Owls Due To Habitat Loss. Hobby Falco Subbuteo Hobbys Are VERY Fast. They Look Like An Oversized Swift. There Highley Manuverable In Flight. Often Chasing Swifts & Swallows. Hobby's Are Known For There Like In Dragonflies , Often Catching And Eating In Flight. Red Kite Milvus milvus The Red Kite , Quite A Large Bird. Its Plumage Is Red Feathers With A Grey/White Head. They Get There Name From The Fork In There Tail. They Feed On Carrion , Worms & Small Mammals. Theve Declines increasingly. Tawny Owl Strix Aluco Tawny Owls Are Strictly Nocturnal. There About The Size Of A Wood Pigeon. They Are Britains Commonest Owls. Its Plumage is A 'Tawny Brown' Colour. They Feed On Small Mammals , Rodents , Small Birds , Frogs , Fish , Insects & Worms.
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