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how bacons made, who eats it,and why buy it.

shade white

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of bacon

STEP 2 OF MAKING why buy bacon BACON how bacon is made Bacon is made by cutting the pigs if the bacon is dry cured it is rubbed in a why not buy bacon, is the question bacon back, the side or the belly THEN IT IS CURED salt mixture to which spices maybe added if wanted. cooks leave the meat under refrigeration to cure,so it dose not become unhealthy. a lot of people don't buy bacon because they think it's wrong eating pigs WELL their missing out. bacon is the best thing that you can have at breakfast. is bacon the best? do you like bacon because to a lot of people bacon is the best it is better than a lot of other breakfast foods. what can you do with bacon ? 1.first off you can eat it.2.you can make a bacon sandwich.3. you could make a nice little breakfast what bacon can do to you bacon if you eat to much your weight will increase, because it contains a lot of GREASE in it. but is still good a lot of people love bacon but don't know where it comes from. where does bacon come from bacon comes from pigs but mostly the big fat ones, so that the bacon is thick. not GINNY PIGS ! people add bacon in every thing who INVENTED BOACON During the Middle Ages bacon was used to describe pork in general. the person who made it was Wilson. England promised to give a man a bacon if he swear to god that he hadn't argued with his wife in a year. don't eat raw bacon Don't eat raw bacon because you could get a lot of sicknesses and disease like Trichinosis caused by eating raw or undercooked pork
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