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Hays High School: Freshmen Orientation Presentation

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Josh Gissel

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Hays High School: Freshmen Orientation Presentation

Your Journey to Graduation
Congratulations! Your 8th grade year is halfway over, and now it's time to start thinking about transitioning to high school for next year.

The first step is to learn about
The High School Graduation Requirements.
Your graduation plan is called the
Choosing an Endorsement
Welcome to Hays High School
Class of 2020

HAYS CISD Middle School
Foundation Program with an Endorsement & Distinguished Level of Achievement
Now we'll take a closer look at your High School Graduation plan...
All Freshmen will start here!
To graduate with an endorsement a student must earn at least 26 total credits.

A "high school endorsement" is similar to a "major in college." An "endorsement" is a coherent sequence of at least (4) courses that are earned in addition to the basic graduation requirements.

Across the state, there are a total of five endorsements. They are:

What are Endorsements?
Business & Industry
Arts & Humanities
Public Services
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Choosing an Endorsement
Which ENDORSEMENT is right
for you? Discuss it with your family!
8th Grade Year
Review your results

Select one or more

Sign your with Parents/Guardians

Submit for 9th grade year on the computer using Career Cruising.
Personal Graduation Plan
Career Cruising
course requests
9th Grade Year
Meet with your to discuss your chosen Endorsement & Four-Year Plan.

Learn about requirements

Review and update your with Parents/Guardians

Your Grade Point Average starts to count

Submit for 10th grade year in the spring.
Personal Graduation Plan
college entrance
course requests
10th Grade Year
Prepare for and take the October

Begin searching for opportunities.

Review your with Parents/Guardians

Submit for 11th grade year in the spring.

Prepare for and take the and start taking dual-credit college courses from ACC this summer. (If you haven't done so already...)
Personal Graduation Plan
course requests
Prepare for and take the (in October)

Prepare for and take the (or both) in the Spring.

Create a for college

Continue taking classes.

Review and update your with Parents/Guardians

Submit for 12th grade year in the spring.
Personal Graduation Plan
course requests
12th Grade Year
Apply for

Apply to or career internships

Request and

Complete the for financial aid.
colleges, universities
T.S.I. test
dual credit and AP
11th Grade Year
of recommendation
Hays High
Teachers provide tutorials between 8:00 and 8:45 am each morning. After school tutorials are also available Monday - Thursday until 5:10 pm. A late bus is provided for students who desire to stay late for tutorials.

( 8 ) periods which includes 1 period for lunch

: when announcements and other important information is shared between 2nd and 3rd periods on certain days

All students access Grade and Attendance Viewer and are expected to monitor it often

Numerous for participation: There are multiple studies that show students who actively get involved in school through or through have a higher likelihood of graduating from high school.

through Austin Community College: if a student can pass the T.S.I. test, they are eligible to take ACC classes their Freshmen year of high school. See your counselor for details!

activities through G-FORCE and College Forward for all students; connecting you to the next step
Academic Support :
49 minute
Advisory Days
Student Self Serve
extracurricular programs
Clubs & Organizations
Dual Credit Classes
College Connections
Some things to
expect at HHS
Save the date:

8th Grade Tours at Hays High School and

Bring something to write with when you come to the Hays High School 8th Grade Tours & Electives Fair next week!
For More Information:
The Hays CISD school board has made the local decision that 1 of your required electives must include 1 semester of
Professional Communications
and 1 semester of
Visit the Hays High School online Course Guide to see a full listing of what elective courses are available in each endorsement!

visit: http://hayscisd.net/Hays
You will have to choose
What in the world is that?
Definition of
It is a concentration of study focused on a particular discipline and supported by specific elective courses.
In other words -
"What KIND of electives do you
want to take?"
You have lots of options!
Take the lifestyle quiz at
Wednesday, January 27th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
4 Electives in order that are in STEM
4 Electives in order that are in Business & Industry
4 Electives in order that are in Arts & Humanities
4 Electives in order that are in Public Services
4 Advanced Electives in any of the previously mentioned Endorsement areas
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