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No description

thomas rim

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Renaissance

Authors' Biography
Born in 1377 in Florence, Italy
Trained as a goldsmith and a sculptor
Not to much to know about him, but his
father was a distinguished notary in Florence.
Also a brother of three
A interesting fact about him is he his also known for rebuilding and building military fortifications in Italian cities
Died April 15th, 1446
Claim to Fame
Trained at a young age as a sculptor, and competed in 1401
Started to get famous around 24
"The Sacrifice of Isaac" was the painting in the 1401 competition, which got noticed by public
Because he created art that was in style at the time and noticeable
He is viewed as one of the famous artists of the Renaissance
He would use a two dimensional canvas to create a three dimensional painting
It is considered Renaissance art because he created what was being created (popular)
Works Cited:
Pazzi Chapel
Santa Maria Del Fiore
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