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Marketing Plan

No description

Lai Rainie

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Name: LAI KING WAI (13637770)
LAI KAM YAN (13637762)
CHEN QI (14651440)
YIU KIT YING (13646931)
NG KAM WAI (14661373)
LAM MAN SZE(13638165)

Different countries’ special and popular snacks
Expect making a combination in one new product line in Hong Kong an international city and gourmet paradise
Mission statement: We recall people’s memory.
“Typical Snack Town”
-Separated 4 different types of popular snacks
759 Store (Owner)

Situation analysis
— high revenue
an increase of 17 percentage points compared to the end of the year
— large number of branch stores
the number of stores have been the end of last year increased 48 to 159, an increase of 43%
until now, increasing to 168 branch stores
Consumer analysis
Hong Kong people like eating snack
However, they admire the new one and forget the old one.
The product is promote the typical snack from different region with each three month which is very popular in 90's
Add some new element and flavor to attract customer e.g chocolate,strawberry or less sugar

expect the product arouse the collective memory and the former childhood again
Target Consumer: woman and teenager

Product : traditional snacks from HK, mainland China, Taiwan, Macao

Place: 759 stores near the estates and MTR stations

Promotion: advertisement, prices and details of the products

Situation analysis
Consumer analysis
Target market
Product Position
Situation analysis
Target market
Target market
Target market
The median monthly wage

Poverty rate: 17.1%, 115 million people
living in low-income or poor families,
women is slightly higher
2. The median monthly
teenagers spending money is $401-600.
The selling price will be lower than other types of the snacks

Suitable for those people to buy typical snack

Target market
To concludes, we are considering
1. Culture
2. Lifestyle
3. Income
The target market is
woman and teenager from low income
Like eating snacks generally more than man and elderly
The prices of our product is suitable for them.

Product Position
Product differentiation
1.customer can choose different level sweet of their preference
2. product is a diversification than other competitor

Image differentiation
1.product package are more special
2.some history story relate the product on the package
Product strategy
Product Attributes
Local consumers-different countries popular snacks
Reference from original tastes and shapes
Packed and fresh, and kept the quality

Product strategy (Cont)
We use outsourcing but had packaging instruction
All kinds of package include oxygen absorber for shortage longer time

-Print Great wall in front side below
Tang Hulu, Dried bean curds, Spicy Chicken Feet and Spicy Duck Tongue
Use plastic vacuum packaging
The package front side print Great wall in brown colors

Hong Kong
Print Victoria Harbor in front side below
Ding Ding Candy, Spring Field Pizza & Chinese pudding
Use plastic vacuum packaging
Maltose Cracker
Pack two single packages in box
Dragon Beard Candy
Pack eight pieces of single packages in a box


HK people’s attitude:
— the preference to snacks
— attaching importance to health problem
— being fickle in affection
— the quick change of prducts in today’s market
Product strategy (Cont)
3 promotion tools

2.Sale promotion
3.Public relation
Above the line

Below the line
2.759 store app
Sale Promotion
1.Price cut
2.759 store 5 year anniversary
Public Relation
1.tasting activity
Price strategy
Our company name
Product name
Products’ favors
Regions landmark
History or interested story of the snacks
Nutrition value
Suggestive eating method
Production place
Inquire contact number
Expired date
Content of Price Strategy
The product counter will be setting in 759 store
Which in the
estates and MTR station
100 shops
The estates and MTR station with
1. high flow
2. more convenience to the teenager and women

Increase sales volume
Product strategy (Cont)
Product life cycle
Our company was in maturity stage
Lots of competitors in Japanese snack such as Parknshop
Necessary to become more various than now
--> could use typical snacks for expand our snack market

Budgeting-Income Statement
Budgeting-Balance Sheet
Penetration Pricing
: Here the organization sets a low price to increase sales and market share. Once market share has been captured the firm may well then increase their price.
we will offer new products through at prices much lower than other stores
Price (cont)
1 - 3 4 - 6 7 - 9 10 - 12
In order to continue to retain old customers and attract new customers, and we will also be prepared to offer future discounts, such as coupons.
Strong network of stores
Marketing advantage
Product strategy (Cont)
Product strategy (Cont)
Product strategy (Cont)
of the of Hong Kong people love eating snacks,
which are
in 2008 .
2. The
of the
secondary school students
pocket money spending to consume the snack,
the girls
is spending
of the pocket money more than boy students.
3. 759 store:
Ages of major customers is between teenager and forties
4. The
office ladies are particular buying snacks
during lunch time.
Life style
1. The majority of the working women will eating snack to comfort they have pressure and emotional problem.
2. Teenagers like eating snacks during their revision
it can let them relax and effective.
3. Eating snacks become the
teenager and woman habit
to relax and eating snack
is the part of their life.

Advertising and Promotion Expense(Expected monthly)
Print Taipei 101 in front side below

Pineapple cake & Sun cake

Pack in eight pieces of single packages in a box
Licorice Menthol
Pack in bottle with cover
Vacuum packaging
Crispy pork paper
Box package
-Print Ruins of St. Paul's in front side below
Almond cake
Vacuum packaging
Phoenix egg roll & egg roll
Box package

Pork floss & Chick biscuit
Round shape plastic box

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