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Developing standardized course templates: Pitfalls, barriers, and opportunities

A presentation by Ginger Zillges

Christine Gary

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Developing standardized course templates: Pitfalls, barriers, and opportunities

Developing standardized course templates:
Pitfalls, barriers, and opportunities 8/8/2012 A presentation by Ginger Zillges Meet the Center for Teaching and Learning Staff A Private Christian University Web-based distance education
Graduate degrees since early 1997
Bachelor’s Online since 2003

U.S. News & World Report - Regent’s bachelor’s online education
#8 Student Services and Technology
#24 Student Engagement and Assessment

School of Education’s Graduate programs
#18 Faculty Credentials and Training
#19 Student Engagement and Accreditation School of Communication & the Arts
Communication Studies/Theatre Arts/Cinema-Television/Journalism
School of Divinity
Ministry/Missiology/Practical Theology/Christian Doctrine & History/Biblical Interpretation
School of Education
Special Ed./Educational Leadership/TESOL/Master Teacher Program/Career Switch
School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship (GLE)
MBA/Organizational Leadership/Strategic Foresight/Strategic Leadership
Robertson School of Government
American Government/Political Theory/Public Administration/International Politics
School of Law
Juris Doctor/LL.M. in American Legal Studies
School of Psychology & Counseling
Clinical Health/Human Services/Clinical Psychology/Counselor Education & Supervision Academics at Regent University: Graduate Schools Student Full Time Equivalent Degree programs that may be completed 100% online
Online degrees with minimal annual residency requirements
Blended programs permit students to take both online and on campus courses Regent University:
An Online-Friendly School Students Online & On Campus Applying a standard Blackboard course template Template Initiative Navigation Menu Discussion: Less Digging Initial Framework Quality Assurance
Checks Aids Peer Review Saves Time Advantages Discussion: Pitfalls and Barriers A new template initiative can be quite alarming Opportunities Feeling Boxed In “What is the obsession
with all this sameness!?” Unnecessarily
Overwhelming “Just read
the syllabus!” Another
top-down mandate No more
"design on the fly" "I hate Blackboard!" Before and After applying our standard university Bb template Questions on video? Thoughts? Questions and Answers? Gain Senior-Level
Sponsorship Be on Same Page HOW? Explain and
Field Questions Get Their Input Explain Linkage Establish
Champions "Knowledge unshared is knowledge unknown" What is not measured
does not matter www.regent.edu/coursecreation Use Visuals Create Job-Aids "I noticed that students had fewer questions about assignments and other matters. While it involved an investment of time at the beginning - 6 or 7 hours per course - I saved time when I was facilitating the online course."

-Lorene Wales,
Associate Professor
School of Communication
& the Arts
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