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Hip Hop


Helen Carter

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Hip Hop

Personal Tastes & Lifestyles
Important to us:
Some lyrics share/ tell a story
(life lesson, daily struggles,
love life, breakup)
A lot of songs are random but hard to stop listening to
Every artist has a different style & tone (tempos & bases are different)
Upbeat tempo; Gets us excited, makes us want to dance, gets us pumped up
Origin of Hip Hop
Hip hop begun in the Bronx, of New York City in the 1970's

By 1979 hip hop had become a popular music genre and began to enter American mainstream

Bythe year 2000s, hip hop was popular on music charts and was being performed in many styles across the world.

Hip hop culture was founded by a Jamaican who moved to New York, name Clive Campbell, who become known as DJ Kool Herc.
Use dance as another form of expression.

Personal Tastes & Lifestyles
Characteristics of Hip Hop
Mood of Hip-Hop Music

BY: Jessica Weaver
Sydney Forrest
Riley Phipps
Helen Carter

techniques performed such as mixing, scratching, cutting, and sampling, to create a new music from the original track.

a high energy combination of complex footwork, spins, kicks, and 'freezes'- holding a postion balanced on hands, head or shoulders.

Speaking rhymes over a DJ's beat

the writing of language that documents the history.

Elements of Hip Hop
Artists we personally enjoy & who influence us the most:
Wiz Khalifa
Nicki Minaj
J Cole
Ice Cube
Kendrick Lamar
What most people listen to, becoming so popular
Can't escape it
Image on people/ how it is portrayed to society
Overall, seen as very negative
Artists getting bad reputations, trouble with law, brag about lifestyle

When Rap/ Hip Hop started it was all about voice- artists expressed themselves in a positive way, expressed feelings and struggles
Still artists do that today but a lot more are promoting the wrong things and are expressing themselves in a more negative way
Image to society cont'd
Most artists are now starting to turn away from writing lyrics from the heart/ or what they value

Care more about fame than influencing people

Real meaning is becoming lost opposed more what it used to be

Topics talked about way to often that create negative influences
Violence, sex, drugs
Image on society cont'd

To a more positive side:
Hip Hop despite everything is still one of the most influential genres
Genre very popular either way because it is everywhere & becomes what we want to listen to

There are many artists out there trying to keep to real meaning of hip hop alive which include:
Finding alternatives to stop violence
Telling life stories
Using it as therapy for youth (helps them address issues)
Form of Hip- Hop Music

Pharrell Williams: Happy, 2PAC: Keep your head up, and ILoveMakonnen: Tuesday.
Bone Thugz N Harmony: Crossroads, Eminem and Rihanna: Love the way you lie, P. Diddy and Faith Evans: I'll Be Missing you
Lupe Fiasco: Superstar, 2PAC: Dear Mama, Drake: Started from the Bottom

Arrangement: Has four components to it the intro, main melody , the hook, bridge and the outro.

Themes: Liberal, socio-political, violence, and materialistic things.

Lyrics: To express either
The artist did living in poor conditions
The negative culture that rises in these conditions

Tone: Pattern ability to hear and remember tones.

Tempo: The speed at which the music is played in terms of beats and some artist make their own beats for a fresh feel.

Rhythm: The relationship of sounds, the accents or stress given in notes.

Sound: The use of variety of instruments or computer based technology.
Additional Characteristics to Hip Hop
Instruments 80's - Present
Afrika Bambaataa
Initially stood out with tracksuits, sporting gear, oversized T-shirts, overalls, and combat boots
The "Homeboy" look- adopted by designers in 1990s
Adidas, Pro- Keds, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger
Many artists would embrace their luxeries by wearing clothing too expesive for youth
Way of making them look better and more higher up than everyone else
Set trends by stating brand in song as well as wear them in videos
Kenye West- Ralph Lauren
The Saggy Pants
Orinially used by in jails by men to give other inmates an invitation to be sexually intimate.
Adapted as a way of expression
Symbol of freedom; rejection of values of mainstream society
Many see as disrespectful and offensive
Has caused more laws and dress codes to be put in place
Hip Hop has essentially built an industry around itself
Known as "The Godfather of Hip Hop"

Had a passion for buying records and his taste was very diversified from rock to r&b to african sound to latin, calypso, and classical.

In 1974 Bam Founded Zulu Nations; once a break dancing crew, later grew into rappers, deejays, and graffiti artists.

"Known as the father of hip hop"

Attempted to bring a new sound to parties in the bronx with introducing the use of two turntables
Influence on Youth
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