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Nez perce

No description

Beth Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Nez perce

The nez perce tribe

Nez Perce
by Drew H
Origin story
Te Nez perce indians had a very weird origin story they tLked about how and why the world will change and why they will die.
The Nez Perce indians hunted with guns and bow and arrows with very sharp edges and to put the animal out off its suffering they used a spear to skin and take all of the meat off the animal. They dug holes for water with big scoop like thing to mine and to scoop out crystals and many different kinds of stones.
women's work
the women worked on cleaning the homes digging for water in the valleys and teaching the children life lessons.
The men hunted deer, elk, bears and rarely moose because it can take many hours to skin and get all the meat off of the animal.
Many tribes of indians mad sticks with designs on them but my tribe makes many important things like making digging sticks and huge great poles with huge designs on the tops and bottom for there hut and teepee's
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