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SUSU School President Training : Structure

A descriptive presentation of how the University Feedback system works...

Jonathan Davies

on 7 October 2010

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Transcript of SUSU School President Training : Structure

Vice Chancellor
University Executive Group Faculty of Law,
Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of Engineering,
Science and Mathematics Faculty of Medicine,
Health and Life Sciences LASS MHLS FESM Vice Chancellor Don Nutbeam Pro-Vice Chancellor Debra Humphris University of Southampton
Organisation School of Health Sciences School of Biological Sciences School of Psychology School of Medicine School of Art School of Education School of Humanities School of Law School of Management School of Social Sciences School of Chemistry School of ECS School of CivEng and The Environment School of Engineering Science School of Geography School of Mathematics ISVR School of Ocean and Earth Sciences School of Physics and Astronomy School President Student Union
University Course rep forums Academic Representation
Committee SSLCs School Board Meetings Education Committee School Education Committee Faculty Board Meetings Union Council Attended by:

School Presidents
Academic Staff
SSLCs are a way for students to talk directly to the academics in their schools.

Problems regarding the course can be raised and sorted out.

The staff are able to feedback on any issues that they have been sorting out since last meeting. Attended by:

School President
Academic Staff
Course Co-ords
Head of School
Admin Staff The perfect opportunity for SPs to learn what else is happening in their school apart from undergrads.
Present to the school what you have been doing in your role and how the semester has been. Attended by:

Faculty Reps
Faculty Academics Faculty reps can report up and down the chainabout what the SPs are acheiving in their schools and any updates on research or new policies in the faculty. Attended by:

School President
School Academics
Postgraduates This is normally an indepth view of the
Schools financial situation, research
updates or plans, a review of student
acheivement and activity.It's the perfect
opportunity to meet and network with staff
in your school and discuss with high up
academics what you do for your students. School Presidents!! School Presidents:Job Description A School President is an Officer of the Students' Union who plays an integral role in the feedback and representation systems. They are the most important figure in relaying information, both positive and negative, between the students and the academic staff in each school. Power of Three Represent the student body in your school.

Work as a mediator between students and academics.

Consistantly work to immprove and maintain the high standards of your school. Any Questions?
“A School President is the Senior Undergraduate Course Rep in their School, coordinating and supporting their Course Reps. They work with their Course Reps to represent views to their School and to SUSU. School Presidents sit on School Board, School Education Committee and their SSLC. The School of Health Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences will each have a number of Vice-School Presidents reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of their School.
School Presidents will no longer act as Faculty Reps from April 23rd 2010; with 3 Faculty Officers (1 for FESM, MHLS & LASS) taking their place” The Union Sees SPs as: Departmentalised....... :S Vice Presidents!! VP SP meetings Run by VPs and attended by Course Reps
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