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Different Kinds of Sanctions

Values Education II

Lianna Zion Lofranco

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Different Kinds of Sanctions

3 things Laws are useless
without .
PUNISHMENT is indispensable for the restoration of order in society, which is an important feature for the common good
A man needs to look back to the wrong done in the past Different Kinds of Sanctions Hammurabi’s rule “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” Enforcement supposes the right to punish.
one who applies punishment are usually involved Penalties exist for 3 reasons To pay back the criminal for his crime and to reestablish the balance of justice that was lost
1 To deter or prevent further crimes from being committed 2 To educate the criminal in morality 3 NOT in order to lament it or be sad and remorseful about it to keep things in their proper place but REINFORCEMENT EXECUTIVE POWER one who judges regarding what is punishable and how it can be given JUDICIAL POWER
demands that the balance of equality upset by the crime be put back in order J
E JUSTICE An injury against the individual 1 A crime against the state 2 A sin against God 3 TRIAL BY ORDEAL
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