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Supporting children to explore and investigate- Interest tab

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doreen clark

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of Supporting children to explore and investigate- Interest tab

Supporting children to explore and investigate- Interest table, Local library, Gardening, Cooking
Recap Learning
Previously you have looked out how to encourage chidlren to explore and investigate through:

Sand and water play
Treasure Basket
Forest School
Group task 1
Local Library
Interest Table
Group task 2
Pick one activity from your list for each of the main four activities and state the resources that are needed in order for children to explore and investigate.

You should have an activity for gardening
You should have an activity for cooking
You should have an activity that can be carried out at the local library
You should have a topic for the interest table
Now working in your groups, complete the work sheets for each.

Consider how children are learning within the 7 areas of learning
Group task 4-
Now in your groups, consider the role of the adult for each activity.

Inclusive practice
The children's interests and needs
Supporting development in all areas of learning
Task 5-
Complete the sections titled of your P6 UNIT 6- EXPLORE AND INVESTIGATE BOOKLET :

Interest Table
Local Library
Doreen Clark
In your groups, give examples of how children develop curiosity by exploring and investigating within for one of the above activities.
Relate to areas of learning
Relate to the role of the adult in supporting and encouraging children to explore and investigate
In groups consider activities/learning experiences for each of the above- form a definitive list for each
Groups- add to/amend
One member of the group to feedback their lists to their peer groups
Produce a spider diagram for each, outlining the resources
Group Task 3
Also consider sensory development
Ensure this is completed by next week- You will then be on track to complete P6 of your assingment
For the second part of your P6 assignment you must:

choose one of the activities and create a detailed activity plan showing how you could encourage children to explore and investigate
show how you would engage the children’s curiosity.
Consider the importance of children doing things for themselves.
Complete the activity plan.

This can be accessed on Moodle:
Access Moodle
Click on the box titled Supporting Children's Play and Learning
Click on Learning aim D
Click on Activity Plan
You will need to print your completed booklet and activity plan to submit to your teacher.
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