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Guitars around the world F1 Ba HiuYi Chen

Balalaika and Ukelele

Hiu Yi Chen

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Guitars around the world F1 Ba HiuYi Chen

Guitars around the world F1 Ba Hiu Yi Chen Compare and contrast between Ukelele (Ukulele) and Balalaika And...... Other traditional instrument in Hawaii Balalaika Other traditional instruments in
Russia What is Ukelele? More about Balalaika Ukulele Ensemble Video of Ukulele Video of Balalaika Videos Balalaika had been very popular,
it was a very wide-spread instrument in Russia and it was a very common instrument. Ukulele is a guitar like instrument, it is like a mini version of a Basic guitar Gusli is one of the oldest instrument in Russia, it was first
mentioned by the two Greek historians Theofilact and
Theophan. It is a 5 stringed box made out of wood. There are many different size of
Ukulele, it is named differently as you
can see in the diagram. Ukulele comes in a large varieties of colour and pattern. Ukulele is originated in the 19th century from Hawaii. It is very popular in United States in the early 20th century Balalaika is also a guitar like instrument, it basically looks like a triangular guitar. Balalaika is a Russian folk instrument, it is about 350 years old. References:
http://stringsandkeys.com/eng/history.html The history of Balalaika has always been a mystery, no body knows who invented Balalaika What is Balalaika? In the 19th century, Balalaika started to
lost its popularity. Vasiliy Vasilievich Andreev is a very important part of Balalaika, he revived Balalaika. He came from a very rich family, but because of him, the upper class people thinks that it is just a toy that lower class people use to have fun. often musicians perform
solo on Balalaika, because it already sounds very good on its own but sometimes it includes violin and guitar. Balalaika Ensemble Guitar-like instruments in different cultures Ipu Heke and Ipu Heke'ol is
a really traditional instrument in Hawaii since the Ancient Hawaii. It is usually played with Chant. Ukulele Ukulele has always performed solo, but it can also be played with other stringed instrument including guitar and violin. Ukulele and Balalaika used to be played in special occasions, but know it is just a instrument that can be played in anytime. THE END
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