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Gregory Cunningham Academic Portfolio

No description

Gregory Cunningham

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Gregory Cunningham Academic Portfolio

Gregory Cunningham
An Academic Portfolio

Contact Information
Gregory D. Cunningham

City: Southfield, Michigan

School: University High School Academy (UHSA)

Email: gcunningham757@gmail.com
Academic Courses
9th Grade:
Advanced Technology
Honors Freshman Composition/Literature
Spanish 1
Jazz Band
10th Grade:
Algebra 2 with Trig
STEM Applications
Honors Sophomore Composition/Literature
AP American History
Spanish 2
11th Grade:
AP Statistics
AP English Language and Composition
AP World History
Spanish 3
12th Grade (Anticipated Schedule):
AP Calculus
Robotics II/ Programming
Methods in Engineering Research
AP Chemistry
AP English Literature and Composition
American Government
Test Scores and Rankings
AP Test Scores
American History: 3/5
Statistics: 2/5
English Language and Composition: 3/5
World History: 3/5
ACT Score: 28/36
Class Rank: 3/63
Unweighted GPA : 4.00/4.00
Weighted GPA : 4.31/4.00
Extracurricular Activities and Organizations
Organizations (UHSA):
National Honors Society - Webmaster/Tutor (2011 - present)
Dean's Directorate - general member (2013)
Class Board - general member (2011 - present)
Chess Club - general member (2011 - present)
United for Christ - general member (2012 - present)
Jazz Band (2010 - present)
University of Michigan Youth Ensemble - Symphonic Band, Trumpet (2011 - present)
Detroit Symphony Orchestra Civic Youth Ensemble - Civic Jazz Orchestra, Blanchard Combo, New Orlean's Ensemble (Trumpet) (2011 - present)
Wayne State Jazz Week (2010 - 2012)
Zenith Brass Band (2011)
Detroit Jazz Festival (2010 - present)
Detorit Area Pre- College Engineering Program (DAPCEP)/ Renewable Energy Advancement for Detroit Youth (READY) (2010 - present)
Michigan Introduction to Technology and Engineering (MITE) (2012)
Summer College Engineering Exposure Program (SCEEP) (2013)
Volunteer Activities:
Gleaners Food Bank - Food sorting and distribution at Gleaner's (2011 - 2012)
Race for the Cure - Civic Youth Ensemble New Orlean's Ensemble (2012 - 2013)
Relay for Life - Fundraising for Cancer Fund (2013)
Tutor - Math, Science, Social Studies, English (2010 - present)
Santa Day - Christmas Volunteer at Michigan First Credit Union (2011 - 2013)
Wish Upon a Teen Prom - Assisted in prom setup/guest escort at Ronald McDonald House (2013)
Hadassah House - Made dolls for Children's Hospital of Michigan (2011)
Wade H. McCree, Jr Incentive Scholarship Award (9th Grade)
Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.94 - 3.75 (10th Grade)
English Department Excellence Award (10th Grade)
Summa Cum Laude GPA 4.20 - 3.95 (11th Grade)
Physics Department Excellence Award (11th Grade)
Spanish 3 Department Excellence Award (11th Grade)
Academic Letter (UHSA)
Best Attitude Award for Engineering Concepts (MITE 2012)
Best Overall Performance Award for Engineering Math (READY 2013)
Best Overall Performance Award for Technical Communications (READY 2013)
Southfield Public Schools (SPS) All Star (2013)
About Me
Immediate Family:
Sister (Kristen)

Influences in my life:
Sister (Kristen)
Close Friends
School Counselor (Harry Patton)
Trumpet Lessons Teacher (Ron Kischuk)
Religion and Ideals:

Personal Motto:
Slow Down, Trust your feelings, and Think
College of Engineering Essay
General Application Essay
Essays and Pictures
My Sister Kristen
My Mom
Detroit Jazz Fest. 2012
Detroit Jazz Fest. 2011
Civic Jazz Band Concert 2011
Michigan Youth Ensemble Concert 2012
NHS induction
Santa Day
Thank You For Your Time!
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