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Amelia Jakobsen

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Combination Approach Concept Lesson Can you guess the Concept? -Today We are going to talk about something you know but we are going to look at it a little differently

-I am not going to tell you what we are talking about right away, you are going to look at pictures of examples and non-examples and try to guess

-Then we will look at and discuss the pictures US Senate Building School House This is not an example England's Parliament Building This is an example -The concept is different types of governments
around the world.
-Countries around the world organize their
governments differently.
-Alternative ways of organizing a government
include, rule by one, rule by few or rule by
-Let's go back and look at the pictures again This is an Example This is not an example Church This is an example Hitler and Stalin This is not an example War - World War II Is this an example of a type of government? King Henry of England King Henry IS an example of a type of government called a monarchy, that is when the people are ruled by one person. Is this an example of a type of government? US Senate The Senate is an example of a type of government called a democracy. The citizens in the United States elected our leaders, we are lead by many people, congress and the president. Is this an example of different types of government? North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un This is an example of a different type of government because North Korea is run by a single person in a dictatorship. This means that one person has total control of the government and the people. Thank you! TEKS 12 Government. The student understands alternative ways of organizing governments. The student is expected to:
Identify alternative ways of organizing governments such as rule by one, few, or many
Identify examples of governments with rule by one, few, or many
Compare how governments function in selected world societies such as Chine Germany, India and Russia
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