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Flipping the Switch

No description

Peyton Donoho

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Flipping the Switch

In today's society ownership does not even cross our minds. A common excuse for not taking ownership is thinking "It's not my job" and while it may not be it does not mean that you cannot go the extra mile. Take ownership of the problem. Don't say "it's not my job" instead use the QBQ, "How can I help this person right now?" While ownership is an important life lesson, Doing the work of others Taking the blame for everything Taking the fall for others all the time And always trying to fix things without asking for help or without other people Always remember: "Not every problem is ours alone to solve." Remember to ask the following QBQ's: "How can I contribute?" And "What can I do to help others reach their goals." Excuses are natural, honesty is supernatural Do not be unaware of ownership because you give off an "I don't care!!!"
attitude I don't care It's not my
job What can I do to help? Be creative with
your problem solving show others you care David made the difficult choice to not give up... Even though he could have said... I'm not strong... and I'm not quick or swift. Take ownership for your safety and others safety all the time with absolutely no excuses. anything taken to an extreme is a negative. Remember that ownership is not: Thanks for doing my homework No problem Do you need
some help? Yes, please How can I
help the team? Instead he asked... How can I help the person? What advantages do I have? and "This is my problem too." David owned the problem and never gave up and... I'm not tall... 12" How can I help? I can take you
to the hospital Hospital Hospital Sorry I didn't
get here earlier I'll stay until
you get better Hospital OWNERSHIP
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