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Roman Gods and Godesses

No description

Jimmy Clarke

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Roman Gods and Godesses

Bacchus was the Roman God of wine
Bacchus was also the Roman god of theater.
Greek form: Dionysos

Saturn was the Roman god of time
He is called Old Father Time
Saturn was also the Father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto
His day of the week is Saturday
His sons represented Air, water, and death which time cannot kill
Saturn continued
His weapon was the scythe
Saturn's day of the week was Saturday
Greek form: Cronos
Vesta was the goddess of the home
She was the goddess of the hearth, the center of a Roman home
She was the sister of Jupiter

Roman Gods and Goddesses
Vesta continued
During meals, Romans would throw a cake into a fire for good Vesta. If it burnt with a crackle, it was good luck.
Greek form: Hestia
Maia was the goddess of growth
She was mother of Mercury (The messenger god)
Her month is May
People would go enjoy nature on May 1st to honor her
Goddess of the Earth
Goddess of corn
Mother of Proserpine
Ceres means breakfast cereal in English
She carried the cornucopia
Uranus was the god of the sky
Uranus was the father of the god Saturn
The planet Uranus was named after him
He came before time so he was not worshipped by the Romans. This means that there is no picture of him
Greek form: Uranus
"Roman Gods." And Goddesses. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 May 2014.
By Jimmy Clarke
Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And root for these teams!!!!!!!!!!!
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