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The Teacher

What does it take to be an excellent teacher

Kevin Hewitson

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of The Teacher

Teaching is an art, some are "naturals" and some have to work at it.
The Teacher
Be a life long learner
Member of the community
Subject knowledge
Achieve differentiation
Managing Learning
Demonstrate and create enthusiasm
Ability to coach
Impart knowledge
Scaffold learning
Building relationships
Draw on experience
Taking Learners on a journey
Develop critical thinking
Emotional intelligence
Occasionally we need a reminder like this: based on a thorough literature review, Paul Ramsden, a noted researcher on teaching and learning, along with several co-authors offered this description of good teachers.
• Good teachers are also good learners; for example, they learn through their own reading, by participating in a variety of professional-development activities, by listening to their students, by sharing ideas with their colleagues, and by reflecting on classroom interactions and students’ achievements. Good teaching is therefore dynamic, reflective, and constantly evolving.
• Good teachers display enthusiasm for their subject and a desire to share it with their students.
• Good teachers know how to modify their teaching strategies according to the particular students, subject matter, and learning environment.
• Good teachers encourage learning for understanding and are concerned with developing their students’ critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and problem-approach behaviors.
• Good teachers demonstrate an ability to transform and extend knowledge, rather than merely transmitting it; they draw on their knowledge of their subject, their knowledge of their learners, and their general pedagogical knowledge to transform the concepts of the discipline into terms that are understandable to their students.
• Good teachers set clear goals, use valid and appropriate assessment methods, and provide high-quality feedback to their students.
• Good teachers show respect for their students; they are interested in both their professional and their personal growth, encourage their independence, and sustain high expectations of them.

Above posted on LinkedIn by Maryellen Weiner as part of the discussion.
Adaptable in style of teaching
Open minded
Act as a "critical friend"
A summary of a discussion started 26th March 2011 on LinkedIn.
The question was "Do experts make good teachers?" 360 comments later from a over 30 people and a great deal of insight, too much to loose. The problem is summarising and presenting the outcome. This appears to be the medium I have been looking for. My thanks to all who took part but this is not the end!
This Prezi is editable so please feel free to add further observations or comments but please remember to sign them.

If you want to sent me a comment directly I can be contacted at kevin@ace-d.co.uk
Understands the responsibility of being a teacher.
Ellen Langer
Thomas J. Sergiovanni, Strengthening the Heartbeat: Leading and Learning Together in Schools, (2005) Joseph Murphy. (2005) Connecting Teacher Leadership and School Improvement;William J.Cook, Jr. (2001).Strategic Planning for America's Schools;Pamela S. Shockley-Zalabak (2009), Fundamentals of Organizational Communicication: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Skills, ValuesDonald A. Schon, (1987), Educating the Reflective Practitioner; Willis D. Hawley, (2007) ed. 2nd, The Keys to Effective Schools: Education Reform as Continuous Improvement... Just a short list to get you rolling! LOL. I have read and re-read these and each time I glean more insights!
Above list from Valerie Verhoeven during the discussion
Posted by Jen Liliestein
Excited by it
Create enthusiasm in the learner
Create passion for learning
Recognising the needs of the learner
is the process of continuous renewal and learning
Good teaching :
There is no "one size fits all"
Good presentation
involves passion
"Every student provides us with an opportunity to learn more about our job through their abilities, fears, interests, learning strengths and learning limitations. If we embrace this challenge, we will continue to evolve as expert teachers."
Louise Mangione, comment during discussion
"Connecting the Art and Science of Teaching"
A title suggested by Dr Brad Johnson during the discussion
"I believe what separated some teachers from great and memorable ones are the characteristics of the individual - attitude, care, patience, passion, humor, compassion, humanity, humility, appreciation, acknowledgment, intention and will."
Suggestions by Satori Agape during the discussion.
"Beyond these qualities are two aspects necessary for any good teacher, in or out of the classroom; to demonstrate sympathy and affection for the student(s). Without this level of personal connection there is little ground for trust that is necessary to nourish the drawing out of learning. We all have the need to share both what we know and reciprocally to learn what we do not."
Bradford Hansen Smith during the discussion.
requires a match between the teacher and the learner
requires the right environment
student centered
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