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Popsicle Bridge

The World's Longest, Strongest, and Lightest Popsicle Stick Bridge.

Mobarrat Shahriar

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Popsicle Bridge

By: Mobarrat Shahriar
Group members:
Christian: Fabricator
Noor: Fabricator manager
Siraj: Quality Assurance Manager The Path to; Design Process Our Goal: Materials End Result and Evaluation -The bridge was created successfully.
-It maintained an aesthetic design.
-The bridge was well measured.
-The best materials caused the best bridge. Different Bridges: Suspension Bridge: is a type of bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. Tension runs along the cables, and compression in the towers.
Truss Bridge: A bridge similar to a beam bridge, in which the beams are is a triangular formation, they have to withhold tension and compression, depending on where the force is applied.
Beam Bridge: A bridge in which two sets of beams a parallel to each other, the one on top acting in compression, and the one at the bottom in tension, they both transfer their load to the girders which are in compression.
Arch bridge: A bridge that is built only on solid rock which acts in total compression. Planning: The World's Longest, Strongest, and Lightest Popsicle Stick Bridge -Have each team member work on their own bridge.
-Provide help to each other and work as a team.
-Make all bridges similar in size.
-Have the QA test Popsicle sticks and stringers.
-Create a successful bridge that can withhold 150 pound. Basic Requirements A short video: Thanks For watching! To make the World's Longest, Strongest, and Lightest Popsicle stick bridge from 4 similar bridges made by each member, that can support 150 pounds, and be as efficient as possible in materials, while keeping the structure aesthetically pleasing. What's in our Prezi? Our Prezi basically explains the construction and design process, requirements, an overview of the bridge, pictures, videos, and the materials that were used. -Popsicle Sticks 4.5" by 3/8"
-Carpenter's Glue
-Binder Clips
-Tie Members
-Blueprint I believe that our bridge was successful because it met all of our goals, and we were all finished by the due date. I enjoyed this project because we were able to work similar to a job in the real world. However, this project had many back draws, for example, most of my team was not
co-operating, and most materials were broken very easily. The Overview -Working together so that the idea and final design is clear.
-Knowing what materials is needed. Fabricating: -Following all steps to the completed structure
-Making trusses, stringers, and using them correctly with tie members
-The fabrication of the bridge
- Assessing each material for best performance -We tested it by standing on it for at least 3 seconds, if cracks are heard, marks are deducted. Fabrication Process Finished Popsicle Stick Bridge
(with labels): Introduction: My job: Communicator.
The job of the communicator was to describe the design process to the boss, i.e the teacher. In this case we are communicating with our prezi, and our reflections. My process of fabrication, or my daily log includes the entire building of one separate bridges, from the stringers to the trusses, and tie members. Stringers; -First, each set of stringers, that is one bottom and one top stringer for each truss, must be made.
1. Place dummy on Popsicle stick and apply glue to non-covered part and apply other Popsicle stick, use binder clips to stay in place.
2. Continue for each stringer. Top stringer is layered with 2 sticks glued onto 3 sticks, and bottom stringer is layered with 3 sticks glued onto 4 sticks. Trusses; Three trusses are to be made which are later tied together by tie members.
1. Place top and bottom stringer on the trapezoid and tighten it, making sure it is aligned with the blueprint, Apply glue at the ends of 2 Popsicle sticks and apply on both sides of the trapezoid, tighten with binder clips.
2. Take 8 other Popsicle sticks with 1/4" between them and apply glue to same areas, glue them onto the opposite side of the all sides that have a double layer on both top and bottom stringers, use binder clips to keep in place.
3. Continue for all three trusses. Tie Members; Tie members are used to hold the three trusses together, this will complete the bridge,
1. Take each tie member (6) and file them so they fit, put glue into the slots and attach all of the trusses, do the top ones first between each Popsicle stick, you should have 3 tie members on the top stringers.
2. Take the remaining 3 tie members and file them so they fit, apply glue in the slots and attach them directly opposite of the top stringers.
3. Make sure all 3 trusses fit into the 6 tie members.
4. You are now done the bridge, make sure you sand the entire thing to get rid of access glue for aesthetics. LEGEND
Light Blue: Tie Members
Yellow: Truss Members
Red: Stringers
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